What is the significance of the scene between Elizabeth and John Proctor? What does it reveal about their relationship and about their characters? They do not communicate well and are awkward. Elizabeth has not forgiven him.
Why do you think Miller would include the conversation between Proctor and Elizabeth? Shows impact of affair on marriage.
What does Elizabeth encourage John to do? She encourages him to go to court to prove Abigail is a fraud and doesn’t see spirits.
Explain Elizabeth’s statement: “John, if it were not Abigail that you must go to hurt, would you falter now? I think not?” Explain John’s response. _________________________He immediately gets angry. He does not want her to judge him. He says that Elizabeth has been mean to him for the past 7 months.
What is the gift Mary Warren gives to Elizabeth? A poppet
What is a poppet? A doll
What info does Mary Warren provide about the trial? What role is she playing at the trial? Why does John forbid her from attending? Sarah Good will be hanged and John doesn’t want her contributing to the execution of innocent people.
How many people have been arrested for witchcraft at this point? 39
Mary Warren tells Proctor that those accused will not hang if they do something… What is it they must do? Confess to witchcraft, tell of another victim of witchcraft.
Why does Rev. Hale come to Proctor’s home? What does this scene reveal about Hale’s role in the trial? He has to question the christian character of the Proctor home. It tells why the youngest wasn’t baptized and why he hasn’t gone to church. Hale wants to protect people from being arrested.
What does Proctor tell Hale about why the children were ill? How does he claim to know? It was all made up & fake. Abigail told this to Proctor in private.
What is the point of the discussion between Hale and the Proctors about whether or not they believe in witches? The Proctor’s are looking at the situation more rationally before jumping to the conclusion that witches are in Salem.
What event begins to change Hale’s opinion about the arrests? How does he feel about the court? Several good christian people started getting arrested and Proctor calls Hale a broken minister.
Who do you think accused Elizabeth and why? Abigail, She wants Proctor to herself and to protect herself.
Which of the 10 commandments does Proctor forget? Adultery.
How are the 2 ideas connected 1) Walcott buying a pig 2) Martha Corey being accused of witchcraft Walcott bought pig from Martha, it died 4 months later, a bunch of pigs started to die and they believed it to be her fault.
Explain the allusion that Proctor makes to Pontius Pilate? Proctor is comparing Hale to PP b/c he is condemning the woman.
What does Proctor want Mary Warren to do after Elizabeth is arrested? What is her response to this? Wants her to go to court and tell about the poppet. She can’t b/c Abigail would kill her.
What do we learn about Mary Warren’s motives at the end of the act? Why did she give the poppet to Elizabeth? Loyal to Abigail. Set Elizabeth up.
Explain why Mary Warren thinks Elizabeth should speak civilly to her She saved her, said that she never saw any sign of evil spirit.

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