the crucible – act 2

what do you know about the relationship between john and elizabeth proctor from the stage action and the opening dialogue of act two? they’re married, kind and cordial to each other, but very romantically disconnected.
describe the power abigail has in the court room? – she led in the accused witches and the girls in sentencing the witches- abigail uses peer pressure so the other girls go along with whatever story she tells in court. she has power over john prroctor because of their affair. she knows she can “blackmail” him.
what’s going on between the proctors on pg. 52-53? elizabeth thinks proctor should go to salem because of everuthing they’ve learned from mary warren
though mary warren can’t say who accused elizabeth proctor, who do you believe accused her and why? abigail because she loves john procter and wants to be with him and if she pleads guilty than elizabeth would be in jail
ironically what commandment can proctor not remember? he can’t remember the commandment about adultery
john proctor seems to be the only voice of reason in the confusing end of act 2. what are some examples to support this idea? 1. he says that people are admitting to being witches to avoid being hanged or facing death2. he questions why accusers are not getting into any trouble3. says abigail stabbed herself with a needle and it wasnt the voodoo doll
why is mary warren afraid of telling the truth about abigail, for herself and john? she is afraid of the girls turning on her and if she tells the truth about abigail than johns affair with her will become apparent. mary is afraid of abigail who said that anybody who crosses her would meet with a “pointy reckoning”.

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