The Crucible Act 2

What happens to the people if they confess to witchcraft? The would be in jail for the rest of their life.
What does proctor know about Abigail? She’s lying about all the witchcraft
Why was Elizabeth suspicious? He said he was with Abigail alone.
Why does Elizabeth think that Abigail accused her of witchcraft? Abigail wants to replace Elizabeth’s spot and marry John.
What conclusion can you draw about Proctor when he forgets the commandment about adultery? He was ashamed.
What circumstance points to Abigail as a villain in this act? The needle in the poppet
What does Elizabeth willingness to go achiever show you in this act? Very loyal to her husband and she knows what’s happening and doesn’t want to say anything, she is strong.
What question does Proctor ask when Elizabeth is being arrested? How innocent are the accusers? He is questioning if they are lying.
What conflict drives the second act? John and Elizabeth
What does the following stage direction tell you about Elizabeth? Elizabeth is thinking about Johns affair with Abigail.
Why was Proctor afraid to tell the court about Abigail? He has no witnesses to back him up.
How are witches safe from hanging? If they confess
What conclusions can you draw about Hale? He respects the devil and he also respects his judgement if they are innocent or accused.
What is one of the reasons that Proctor gives that he doesn’t go to church regularly? He doesn’t like Parris.
Why does Marry Warren refuse to go to court after Elizabeth is arrested? She is afraid that Abigail will go against Marry Warren.
Corroborate to support with evidence

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