The Crucible Act 2

What is the significance of the scene between Elizabeth and John Proctor? What does it reveal about their relationship and about each of their characters? It’s strained with a distance between them. John is trying to please her and she won’t accept it.
What is the gift Mary Warren gives to Elizabeth? A poppet.
What information does Mary provide about the trial? What role is she playing at the trial? Why does John forbid her from attending? Goody Good & Goody Osburn have been arrested. She’s an official. John doesn’t believe the trials are necessary.
Why does Reverend Hale come to the Proctors’ home? What does this scene reveal about Hale’s role in the trial? He wants to test the nature of their Christianity. By his name, he has a lot of power over what happens.
What relationship does Hale suggest exists between the church and the court? The church and court shouldn’t be questioned because they both are always right
What does Proctor tell Hale about why the children were ill? How does he claim to know? He says they are just pretending. He said Abigail told him.
What is the point of the discussion between Hale and the Proctors about whether or not they believe in witches? He wants to know if they believe in witches.
What does Giles report to the Proctors? What is the significance of his revelations? His wife and Francis Nurse’s wife were arrested for reading books. They usually accuse nobodies, but these are prominent people.
What event begins to change Hale’s opinion about the arrests? How does he feel about the court? Innocent women are being arrested. He still has confidence in the court.
What role does Cheever play? What is revealed about his character? He arrests Elizabeth. He is obsessed with his own importance to the court.
What do we learn about why Mary Warren gave the poppet to Elizabeth? Abigail told her to. Abigail wanted to get Elizabeth in trouble.
Why is Elizabeth arrested? On What grounds? Abigail claims a needle stabbed her and Elizabeth was responsible for this. Cheever finds a needle in Elizabeth’s poppet.
What do we learn about Mary Warren’s motives at the end of the act? She did it because Abigail told her to. She stays out of Abigail’s way because she’s terrified that she will kill her.
Why did Miller add the second scene to the act? What does it reveal about John Proctor and Abigail? It reveals the passion between them that once existed.

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