The Crucible Act 2

Why does Elizabeth think that Abigail would like to get rid of her? Abigail wants John for herself
Hale criticizes Proctor for two things. What are these things? John and Elizabeth rarely go to church on Sunday; they didn’t know their 10 commandments
When Proctor recites the Commandments, which one does he omit? Thou shalt not commit adultery
Cheever finds a needle in the doll. Why does the needle convince him that Elizabeth is a witch? Abigail was stabbed with a needle
What does Proctor want Mary Warren to tell the court? That she made the poppet and stuck the needle in it
Why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem? She wants him to go to Abigail and ask her if she is causing everyone to be accused and stop her from doing it
Why does Hale come to the Proctor’s home? Elizabeth was accused by Abigail of being a witch and Hale wants to see if they have a Christian house
What proof leads to Elizabeth’s arrest? A poppet (doll) that looks like Abigail with a needle stuck in it
Describe one character trait of Elizabeth Proctor She is very moral and has great confidence
What does the dialogue tell you about the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in this opening scene? John and Elizabeth still have a very difficult relationship after her discovery of his relationship with Abigail. She is sad and depressed; he feels the need to try to please her, yet she does not respond to anything. He says she keeps a cold house and he feels as if she will never forgive him.
John Proctor’s inability to remember one of the Ten Commandments is an example of irony because… He forgot the adultery one; he committed adultery with Abigail

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