The Crucible Act 1 Test

The events of salem witch trials began in what year? 1692
Who wrote the crucible? Arthur Miller
What is Parris doing in the opening act of act 1? Kneeling and praying
What is reverend Parris most concerned about? His own reputation
Why did Parris send for reverend hale? Hale is an expert in withcraft
Who is the slave accused of being the ringleader of the incident in the forest? Tituba
What happens to Betty when she hears the singing from downstairs? She sits up and screams
Why does John proctor consider himself a fraud? He had an affair with Abigail
Who is the women who was well-known for charity? Rebecca Nurse
What is Rebecca Nurse’s effect on Betty? She calms her down
Which family lost several children before they were baptized? Putnam’s
What was Abigail’s prior relationship with Mr. And Mrs. Proctor? She was their servant until she was fired by goody proctor
Abigail drank a blood charm because She wanted Goody Proctor
What do the girls say when Parris says he saw movement in the soup? They tell him that a frog jumped in
Why is Parris so quick to dismiss the possibility that Betty may have been involved in witchcraft? It would ruin his reputation
Tituba confesses to witchcraft because Putnam tells her that if she doesn’t confess, she will be hanged
Abigail confesses to witchcraft because She wants to be the center of attention
Tituba and Abigail name several towns women as witches because They want to be safe from accusations of using witchcraft

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