The Crucible Act 1 Characters

Rebecca Nurse -represents someone with power-white hair; 72 years old; walking stick-26 grandchildren; 11 kids-everyone is scared to call her a witch-Francis Nurse’s wife
Elizabeth Proctor -according to Abigail: bitter, lying, cold, gossiping liar-fired Abigail from being their servant -married to John Proctor-does not like Abigail after finding out about affair
John Proctor -mid 30s-farmer-feared and respected in Salem -Elizabeth Proctor’s husband-had affair with Abigail; does not want to be with her anymore
Mary Warren -17 years old-subservient -na├»ve-lonely girl-timid -Proctor’s servant-part of Abigail’s group
Mercy Lewis -overweight-18 years old-sly and merciless -Putnam’s servant-part of Abigail’s group
Ruth Putnam -laying sick in bed; can’t eat-thinks her soul is “taken”-accused by Abigail for conjuring spirits-part of Abigail’s group-Thomas and Ann Putnam’s daughter
Mrs. Ann Putnam -her 7 babies died right after birth-she thinks Ruth is ill with the Devil-told Parris rumors about Betty being a witch-woke up Betty by singing the Psalm -Thomas Putnam’s wife-Ruth’s mother-spoke with Tituba to talk to the dead
Susana Walcott -part of Abigail’s group-accuses others of being witches
Abigail Williams -17 years old-bad reputation-doesn’t go to church-seen dancing in woods-drank blood to kill Elizabeth Proctor-threatened to kill other girls if they told -Betty’s cousin-Parris’ niece-leader/bully of the other girls-had affair with John Proctor; still in love with him-Proctor’s ex-servant-wants to kill Elizabeth
Tituba -40s-talks to the dead-from Barbados-Parris’ slave-Mrs. Putnam asked her to talk to her dead children
Betty Parris -10 years old-sick, laying in bed-accused of being a witch; was seen flying over a barn-Parris’ daughter-Abigail’s cousin-friends with Abigail, Mary Warren, Mercy Lewis
Reverend Samuel Parris -Reverend-mid 40s-concerned about his reputation -Betty’s father-Abigail’s uncle-town Reverend

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