The Crucible Act 1 – Character Chart

Tituba She danced in the forest. She says she gave the girls chicken blood. Mr. Parris says he saw her waving her hands and screeching.
Reverend Parris He cries about his sick daughter Betty. He says, “Oh, my God! God help me!” Mr. Proctor says that he does not like Mr. Parris’s sense of authority.
Abigail Williams She danced in the forest. She says Goody Proctor is a liar. There are rumors that she was dismissed from Goody Proctor’s service for doing something wrong.
Mrs. Ann Putnam She comes to visit the Parries. She says that her dead babies were all murdered. Rebecca Nurse does not believe Mrs. Putnam about the murdered babies.
Mercy Lewis (does)She comes to see how Betty is doing. (says)She says that Ruth walks like a dead one. Abigail says that Parris saw Mercy naked.
Mary Warren (does)She visits Abigail and Mercy. (says)She cries that they have to confess. (others say) Mercy says that Mary is a coward.
John Proctor He comes to the Parris house. He tells Abigail to put their relationship out of her mind. Abigail says he is strong.
Rebecca Nurse (does) She calms Betty down. (says)She says this is childishness. (others say)Mr. Hale has heard of her good work.
Giles Corey He comes to the Parris’. He says that he admires Parris’ strength. Mr. Proctor says Giles is old and cannot hear well.
Reverend John Hale He comes as an expert on witchcraft. He says people have to accept his verdict if there is no witchcraft involved. The Putnams say he found a witch in Beverly last year.
Betty Putnam She jumps out of bed. She says that Abigail drank the charm to kill John Proctor’s wife Elizabeth. Abigail says she loves Betty dearly.

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