The Crucible Act 1

Identify the setting of the play as it opens. The time is_____________. The place is _____________. The time is the spring of 1692.The place is Salem, Massachusetts.
List the characters that appear as the curtain rises and tell something about each one. Reverend Parris-the preacher who is worried about getting thrown out of Salem for being associated with witchcraftAbigail-niece of ParrisBetty- daughter of Parris, comatoseTituba-Barbados, servant who takes care of Betty
Susanna Walcott brings news from the doctor, who has been consulting his medical books about Betty’s illness. What does the doctor think may be causing the illness? something of the underworld “unnatural causes”
Why is Parris so afraid? The church will turn him out with no money and provisions. He will be thrown out of Salem.
What two people seem to be most eager to persuade others that the girls are engaging in witchcraft? Thomas and Ann Putnam
What seems to have been the relationship between Abigail Williams and John Proctor? Abigail worked for the Proctors and had an affair with John Proctor while his wife, Elizabeth, was sick.
What do Betty and Abigail do at the end of act 1? accuse others

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