The crucible

QUOTES: 1. who says it2. meaning/ explanation
” A funeral marches round your heart” Proctormeaning:- talking to Elizabeth -Elizabeth is always sad and can’t get over it-shes mourning her husband/ marriage (because of the affair)
“the magistrate sits in your heart” Elizabethmeaning:-adultery-guilty conscious-Elizabeth is saying the guilt will haunt him and that his actions will judge him.
“I will curse her hotter than the oldest cinder” Proctormeaning:-abby will be shunned -she will go to hell- proctor is saying he will make Abby pay for it
“Theology is a fortress” Halemeaning: -Theology= religion-religion has a lot of meaning -Hale meant that his knowledge on religion must be perfect or it is meaningless. He believes in what he knows and is always willing to learn
“My wife is the very brick and mortar of the church” Francis Nursemeaning:- way of defending her against charges of witchcraft- this is a metaphor that is meant to emphasize how important she is to the church- He’s saying that she is what holds the church up and makes it what it is.
“Vengeance is walking in Salem” Proctormeaning:-means that people are using the witchcraft accusations to get revenge on those who they believe have hurt them, or those against whom they feel jealous, or angry, or just negative in general.
” you love me , you love me not” Abigailmeaning: Abigail’s wants John to get with her
“I never spoke on witches one way or another “ Proctormeaning: denying that he saw witches and that he believed in them
“You are god’s instrument” Halemeaning: Hale is trying to get tituba
“She’s blackening my name in the village” Abigailmeaning: Though Abigail pretends she’s angry at Elizabeth Proctor for damaging her reputation, the more powerful emotion is envy of Elizabeth for her marriage to John Proctor. Here she resorts to petty name-calling in order to cast doubt in John’s mind.
Reverend Samuel Paris -Mid- 40’s-Power hungry -Selfish- always thinking about himself -Reverend
Betty Paris -Reverend Samuel Paris’s Daughter-10 years old
Tituba -Slave -gets blamed for everything-from barbados
Abigail Williams -Orphan-17 years old-Reverend Samuel Paris’s niece-Betty’s cousin
John Proctor -Local farmer -In his thirties-G-d Fearing -Has an affair with Abigail (17 yr old)-hypocrite -Married to Elizabeth Proctor -Christian religiously focused
Elizabeth Proctor -Elizabeth fires Abigail because of the affair -Nickname- “goody”-Abby out to get her
Reverend Hale -From Beverly -Spiritual doctor-Witch doctor -Known to use more knowledge (facts- goes by the book), less religion–> not religiously biased
Marry Warren -servant for proctors house-“Official of the court”
What is the rising action in act 1?` -people start accusing people -Hale arriving-Betty panicked ( window)
What is the conflict in act 1? -John and Abigail have affair -Betty and Ruth are sick in bed -Trying to get their story straight
What is the resolution in act 1? -decide to start trial in court
What is the theme in act 1? -scapegoat -Honesty vs. lying -God -Marriage and religion
What is the rising action in act 2? -more accusations -John reject Abigail -Girls copy Abigail -Putnam accuses people
What is the conflict in act 2? -Elizabeth finds out about affair -Abigail still tries to get with John
What is the resolution in act 2? -think they’re getting closer to answer of witches
What is the theme in act 2? -loyalty -Seeking justice
rising action -act 3? -John admits to cheating -Rebecca nurse and Giles Corey get sentenced to be hanged
conflict – act 3? -everyone vs. Mary -Mary deciding between friends and herself -John vs. the town except wife
resolution- act 3? -test him out -proctor in jail
rising action -act 4 -proctor still in jail -Elizabeth in jail -Giles died by stoning -Abigail and mercy stole Parris’s money and left -rips up confession
conflict -act 4 -proctor conflicted between his name and dying
resolution- act 4 -john proctor is hanged-Abigail and mercy fled and stole Parris’s money -devoted and replace s

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