The Crucible

Arthur Miller Author of The Crucible
Reverend Parris Betty’s father, Abigail’s uncle. Reverend.
Betty Parris First girl sick. One of the girls doing witchcraft. Parris’s daughter
Tituba House keeper to Parris. teaches the girls witchcraft. first to confess
Abigail Williams Lives with her uncle, lies about doing witchcraft. sleeps with John Proctor.
Susanna Walcott
Mrs. Putnam all but one of her children have died within 24 hours of being born. accuses Rebecca Nurse of being a witch and killing them
Thomas Putnam Thinks he is all that. fights with alot of people because he wants land.
Mercy Lewis one of the girls who pretend there are witches. runs away with Abigail at the end of the play
Mary Warren Helps the Proctor house hold. give Elizabeth a poppet. one of the girls who lies about the witchcraft. throws Proctor under the bus at the end of the play
John Proctor well known good man. sleeps with Abigail. is accused of being with the devil by Mary. would rather die telling the truth.
Rebecca Nurse well respected woman. is accused of being a witch by Mrs. Punam. gets hanged
Giles Corey Thinks his wife is weird for reading books. gets killed by being crushed to death with stones.
Reverend John Hale comes to Salem to find the witches.
Salem Setting of the play
Elizabeth Proctor wife of John. gets accused of being a witch by Abigail. is pregnatn
witchcraft eveyone accused each other of being a witch
10 commandments The test to see if the house hold was good
adultery the camandment that Proctor forgot
Poppet Mary gave elizabeth a poppet and it had a needle in it
fainting the test for Mary
goodness what Proctor had a the end of the story
Name what Proctor didnt want to give up in the end.
Sarah Good Confessed of being a witch
press How Giles Corey died
Forrest considered evil
Says, “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life!”c Proctor
When Elizabeth is accused of practicing witchcraft, John Proctor tries to get _____ to go to court to declare that Abigail is a liar. Mary Warren
Abigail accuses Elizabeth of being a witch to take her place
Reverend Hale wants John, Rebecca, and Martha to confess because He wants to save them.1
“Elizabeth, I have confessed it.”≈ Proctor
Who said, “Speak nothin’ of it in the village, Susanna.” Abigail
This character says “More weight” when he is pressed to death.› Giles Corey
What did Parris want Fire wood, dead to house and gold candle sticks
why didnt Proctor like Parris as head of the church He preached to much about damnation

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