The Crucible

Who is the author of The Crucible? Arthur Miller
When did the story take place? Salem, Mass. 1692
What is a crucible? a test of one’s belief
Who is the Protagonist? John Proctor, well respected, farmer, in his 30s, had an affair with Abigail, married to Elizabeth Proctor, has 3 boys
Who is Betty Parris? Reverend Parris 10 yr. old daughter, is “sick”, caught dancing in the woods
What was Tituba doing in the woods? chanting over a kettle, tried to conjure the spirits of Goody Putnam’s dead babies
What did Reverend Parris see in the woods? He caught the girls dancing in the woods, saw a dress lying on the ground and someone running naked, saw Tituba singing over a pot.
Who does Reverend Parris send for to help with the situation of “witchcraft”? Reverend Hale
Who is Abigail Williams? a 17 year old niece of Reverend Parris, had an affair with John Proctor, deceitful, violent, untrustworthy, troublemaker
Who Reverend Parris? Salem’s minister, disliked by many people in the town, doesn’t want people to find outthe truth about what happened in the woods, self-absorbed
Who is Ann Putnam? the mother of Ruth, lost seven babies at birth, depressed from the loss of her babies, felt the Devil was involved, wanted revenge for the death of her children
Who is Mary Warren? the Proctor’s servent, fears Abigail, lonely, naive
Who is Thomas Putnam? father of Ruth, richest man in the village, who can afford to buy and land forfeited by a “witch”, accused others as a way to gain land
Why did Reverend Parris send for a doctor? His daughter Betty is “sick.”
What advice does the doctor send back? He can’t find any medical reason for her illness and said to look for an unnatural reason.
What does Reverend Parris question Abigail about? If her name is “white” in the village, meaning is her reputation good. Also, to find out what happened in the woods.
What is Parris’ main concern? His reputation as a minister and material possessions.
What did Parris see in the woods? He saw Abigail, Betty and other girls dancing in the woods.
What has Elizabeth Proctor said about Abigail? Elizabeth knows that Abigail and her husband had an affair, so she fired her. Abigail believes that Elizabeth has spread rumors about the affair.
Why does Abigail say she was dismissed by the Proctors? She claims that she was treated like slave and that Elizabeth is a “bitters woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman”
What rumors are spreading about Betty Parris? What proof later ocurs that “proves”she is a witch? Villagers say they saw her flying over a barn. When Betty has a fit when people downstarirs sing a psalm, Mrs. Putnam claims that Betty cannot bear to hear the Lord’s name because she is a witch.
Why did Mrs. Putnam contact Tituba? She has lost 7 children and wants to know who is “killing” her babies.
Who does Abigail accuse of conjuring spirits at this point? Tituba
What does Betty Parris reveal about what happened in the woods? Betty reveals that Abigail drank blood as a charm to kill Elizabeth.
What threat does Abigail make to the other girls? She threatens to “come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shuddeer you.” She threatens to hurt them.
What happened in the past between John Proctor and Abigail? How do they feel about it now? They had an affair. John has put a stop to it, but Abigail still pursues him.
What is the function of Rebecca Nurse? She is a voice of reason and common sense. She believes that the girls will get tired of their game and that they are going trhough a stage.
How does John Proctor feel about Reverend Parris? He does not like him. He dislikes Parris’ sermons because he hardly mentions God anymore. He doesn’t like that PArris is concerned about material things.
What is the dispute between John Proctor and Thomas Putnam? They are fighting about land and boundaries.
Why is Reverend Hale in Salem? He was called in by Parris to stop rumors of witchcraft.
What does Giles Corey reveal to Reverend Hale? His wife reads :strange” books at night. He couldn’t pray until she stopped reading. Suspects her of witchcraft.
When Abigail is questioned by Reverend Hale, who does she blame? What proof does she offer? She blames Tituba. She claims that she has cuased her to laugh during prayer. Parris confirms this.
What ultimatun is given to Tituba? Confess to witchcraft, name others who are witches or be hanged.
Who does Tituba accuse of being a witch? Sarah Good and Sarah Osburn
Why does Abigail start accusing people at this point? When Tituba saves herself by confessing Abigail decides to do the same.
Why does Betty Parris start accusing people? She follows Tituba’s and Abigail’s example.

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