The Crucible

Gift from Mary to Elizabeth Poppet
Thomas Putnam was this about his situation in life Bitter
Parris’ slave woman from Barbados Tituba
Parris wanted salary, deed and this Firewood
Giles Corey
Parris’ daughter Betty
Object of the Putnams’ dispute with the Nurses Land
He was an expert spirit remover Hale
Mrs. Nurse Rebecca
She is the primary cause of the witch hunts Abigail
Division of an act Scene
Nagging conscience Guilt
Method of execution using a rope Hang
Move with rhythm Dance
If proctor tells the truth, he will save this Soul
Something that shows the existence of a fact Sign
One who tells the truth is this Honest
Meeting place of Tituba and the devil Forest
Decision maker in court Judge
Mr. Nurse Francis
John; he tries to make people see the truth Proctor
God’s house Church
Betty’s father and Abigail’s uncle Parris
Ann or Thomas Putnam
The christain Holy Book Bible
Bad Evil
Reading material Books
She wants Abby to tell the truth Mary
Satan Devil
The commandment Proctor forgets Adultery
Admission Confession
Many of Mrs. Putnam’s have died Babies
Examination of evidence to determine gult or innocence Trial
John’s wife Elizabeth
Alone; not as a member of a group Individual
Story written to be performed on stage Play
He arrests Elizabeth Cheever
Material proof Evidence
Mr. Corey Giles
The creator God
He thinks of a test for Mary Hathorne
The judge of many witchcraft trials Danforth
Rebecca Nurse
Ghosts; beings Spirits
Opposite of bad Good

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