The crucible

What was the period in which Arthur Miller lived? 20th Century
Where did Arthur Miller live? New York
What famous actress did Miller marry? Marilyn Monroe
What historical events did Arthur Miller live through during his lifetime? World War II, Vietnam, Communism scare/McCarthyism
1947 All My Sons – man who sold faulty machine parts to U.S. military during World War II
1949 Death of a Salesman – the harshness of American business
1953 The Crucible – allegory for Senator McCarthy’s ongoing persecution of suspected Communists
1957 found in contempt of Congress – refused to name suspected Communists
1961 The Misfits – movie starring Marilyn Monroe
1964 After the Fall/Incident at Vichy – about the Holocaust
1968 The Price – two brothers dealing with the death of their father
1993 The Last Yankee
What was Miller’s main purpose for writing? To call attention to American problems
What is Miller’s purpose for writing The Crucible? To call attention to the oppressive tactics of Joseph McCarthy
How does Miller convey his purpose in The Crucible? Using the example of the Salem Witch Trials, which most everyone knows about
What is McCarthyism? Practice of making accusations of treason without proper regard for evidence
What years involved McCarthyism? 1947-1956
What is this time also known as? Second Red Scare
Who was President of the United States at the time? Truman
Who was Joseph McCarthy? Senator from Wisconsin from 1947-1957
What does HUAC stand for? House Committee on Un-American Activities
What does HUAC have to do with McCarthyism? The HUAC investigated alleged and suspected Communists
Why is McCarthyism a negative term? It took away people’s rights and freedoms.
Who were the primary targets during the McCarthy era? Hollywood actors, writers, and directors
What happened to people who were “found guilty” or disloyal or treasonous? Brought before Congress, sometimes sentenced to prison
How can you connect McCarthyism to the Salem Witch Trials? Guilty until proven innocent/lack of evidence to convict people/ “witchhunt” – going after people based on stereotypes
lacking in ability to move Inert
a system of belief/faith Creed
self-contradictory statement that is actually true Paradox
concealing one’s true motives Dissembling
person lacking culture/values Heathen
female head of the household (like Mrs.) Goody
humble submission and respect Deference
enormous, immense Prodigious
immorality/immoral behavior Iniquity
the act of teaching persistently to implant an idea Inculcation

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