The Crucible

Why are both Mrs. Putnam and Abigail interested in Tituba’s conjuring? Mrs. Putnam wants to know why seven of her babies died and Abigail wants to kill Elizabeth.
Why is Reverend Parris so terrified by the events in Salem? What possible result does he fear? Reverend Parris is scared that his reputation will be ruined as well as his livelihood.
How would you interpret Abigail’s relationship with the other girls? Abigail tries to convince the girls to go along with what she wants. She rules with intimidation and fear.
How would you interpret Abigail’s relationship with Proctor? Abigail is nice, warm and flirtatious with Proctor. When she realized she couldn’t get what she wanted from him, she turned vengeful and spiteful.
At the end of the act, what do you think is Abigail’s motivation to “open” herself and begin naming names? Abigail did this so she would not take the fall, get revenge and get rid of people she didn’t like.
A static character changes little or not at all during a story. A dynamic character changes in an important way as a result of the story’s action. Among the characters from Act One, which do you think have potential for change? Hale. At the end of Act One, he wanted to save everyone but at the beginning he was on the court’s side.
At the beginning of the act, why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem? Elizabeth wants him to go and tell the authorities that the girls are not telling the truth.
According to Elizabeth, what is Abigail’s true objective in court? Abigail wants to get rid of her so she can have John.
Describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor. Explain the metaphor of the “everlasting funeral” that John sees in Elizabeth’s heart. Their relationship is emotionally strained. Her heart is stone cold dead. She still doesn’t forgive him. Her heart is full of pain and distrust.
Based on Mary Warren’s statements, what do you infer is the real reason Mary gives Elizabeth the gift? Abigail knew that the poppet would look suspicious so she stabbed it with pins so Elizabeth would be arrested. Abby used Mary (unknowingly) to frame Elizabeth.
The protagonist is the central character who drives the action and is usually considered the hero or heroine. The antagonist, often with cruel or destructive intent. At the point in the play, which character seems to be the protagonist, and which is the antagonist? John is the protagonist. Abigail is the antagonist.
What test does Danforth devise to determine why Abigail was put out of the Proctor house? Danforth questions Elizabeth to determine why Abigail was put out of the house since Elizabeth cannot lie. Danforth makes Elizabeth look into his eyes and answer his questions. She cannot consult with John.
What does Hale mean when he asks if every defense is an attack upon the court? By the end of this act, would you say Hale is a dynamic or static character? Hale means that everyone is more concerned with their own position and authority rather than the actual truth. He is a dynamic character. He went from an authority to telling to please lie so he could do whatever he could to save them.
When John reveals his true relationship to Abigail, what do you think he also reveals about his character and motivation? John reveals that he was willing to lose his good name to save his wife.
Why has Reverend Hale returned to Salem? He comes to convince people to confess to stay alive.
What news about Abigail does Parris give Danforth? Parris gives the news of Abigail and Mercy Lewis running of with Parris’ money.
Why does Danforth want a written confession from Proctor? It will carry great weight in Salem.
Why does Hale say he has come to “do the Devil’s work”? What motivates his action? Hale says he has come to do the Devil’s work because he wants to get people to lie and confess to witchcraft so the accused will get to live. The fact that it will lessen his guilt and save people who were innocent motivates his actions.
Why does Hale counsel Elizabeth to persuade John Proctor to lie? Do you think he is right to do so? Hale counsels Elizabeth to persuade Proctor to lie so he will stay alive. Yes.
What motivation does Proctor have for confessing? At the same time, why does he see his confession as deeply ironic? Proctor has the motivation to confess because he wants to stay with Elizabeth and the baby. He sees the confession as ironic because he is committing a sin but is not a witch.
What is John’s internal conflict? Abigail; Elizabeth; himself; to confess or not confess
Who is the author? Arthur Miller
Why did he write The Crucible? He intended to remind audiences of the similar persecutions being practiced or suspected Communists by the US government of the early 1950s, under McCarthyism.

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