The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Review

Huckleberry Finn Narrator and main character of the novel.
Jim Runaway slave who joins Huck in his flight down the Mississippi.
Pap Huck’s abusive, drunken father who plots to steal his son’s reward money.
Widow Douglas Town widow who tries to civilize Huck through kindness and religion.
Ms. Watson Widow Douglas’s sister who tries to civilize Huck through manners and religion.
George Jackson Who Huck pretends to be when he meets the Grangerfords.
Tom Sawyer Huck’s civilized best friend who enjoys extravagant stories and schemes.
King The older conman whose moral standards are seemingly much lower than the other’s. He is on the run for selling toothpaste that wears enamel off of the user’s teeth. Sells Jim to the Phelps Plantation.
Duke The younger conman.
Judge Thatcher Kindly town judge who watches over Huck’s reward money.
Mrs. Loftus St. Petersburg town woman whom Huck visits disguised as a girl.
The Grangerfords Distinguished family who watches over Huck when Huck and Jim are separated. The family maintains a deadly feud with the neighboring Shepherdsons.
Buck Youngest Grangerford boy who befriends Huck and is subsequently killed by the Shepherdsons.
Emmeline Grangerford daughter who wrote romantic epigraphs and died at 14.
The Shepherdsons Distinguished family who feuds with the Grangerfords.
Boggs Harmless Arkansas town drunkard who is shot by Colonel Sherburn.
Colonel Sherburn The man who shoots Boggs and repels the lynch mob who comes after him.
Peter Wilks Deceased townsman. His grieving family takes in the duke, the king, and Huck as Peter Wilk’s two brothers and boy servant.
Mary Jane, Susan, and Joanna Wilks Peter Wilks’ nieces who are tricked by the duke and the king.
William and Harvey Wilks Peter Wilks’ brothers who live in England.
Silas and Sally Phelps Tom Sawyer’s aunt and uncle who buy Jim from the King.
Jackson’s Island The island where Huck and Jim first hide out after they run away. They stay in a cavern here, where Jim is bitten by a rattlesnake.
Cairo A town towards the bottom of Illinois. Huck and Jim try to reach this town so that once there, they can journey up the Ohio River into the northern, free states
Pokeville The town where the King collects money from everyone by saying that he is an ex-pirate who has found his true path in life, free of sin. The Duke makes the reward sign for Jim there so they can travel during the day.
Tennessee The state in which the Grangerfords and Shephersons lived.
St. Petersburg, Missouri Where the story begins — where Huckleberry Finn, Jim, and Tom Sawyer live.

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