TGG Chapter 3

Find support for this statement: “Gatsby’s parties were expensive, elaborate, raucous affairs; but they were not gatherings of his friends who brought warmth and happiness with them.” The guests swim, boat, and eat grandly. He has a WHOLE orchestra and it takes 8 servants plus one extra gardener to clean up. The guests don’t know or care about Gatsby. They gossip about him and don’t even look for him to say thank you.
What is Nick’s opinion of the people at the parties when he says that once there, the guests “conducted themselves according to the rules of behavior associated with amusement parks”? They are acting wild and Nick dislikes their rude behavior.
Explain Nick’s comment, “It was testimony to the romantic speculation he inspired that there were whispers about him from those who had found little that it was little necessary to whisper about in this world.” He is a mysterious man to people. They don’t know him or even care about him, but they spread gossip and lies about him that scare them.
Why do Jordan and Nick leave the group from East Egg? It’s too polite and reserved. It’s boring for Jordan and she wants to be where the fun is.
What is the great quality in Gatsby’s smile? It was one of those rare smiles that concentrated on you with eternal reassurance, believed in you, and understood you.
What do Gatsby and Nick have in common? Both were in the Third Division in France during the war.
What does Fitzgerald subtly wish to convey about Gastby when he has Nick say, “…I was looking at an elegent young roughneck,…whose elaborate formality of speech just missed being absurd. Some time before he introduced himself I’d gotten the strong impression that he was picking his words with care”? He’s not very polished, but he looks formal and sounds EXTREMELY sophisticated. There’s just something about him that’s not right. His words aren’t natural, they’re practiced. He’s obviously rough around the edges.
Why do you suppose that Jordan does not believe Gatsby when he says that he had attended Oxford College in England? He doesn’t fit Jordan’s stereotype of an Oxford man. Upperclass, British, wealthy, sophisticated. Sure he looks formal and has money, but he’s far from naturally acting sophisticated. He’s trying too hard.
In what way is Gatsby’s behvior at his party quite unlike the behavior of most of his guests? He doesn’t party or drink. He likes to stand out of the main stream and just watch. He mingles a bit but never gets in the middle of it all. He’s perfectly fine. It’s them that are a mess and drunk.
What do you think Fitzgerald wishes to convey about Gatsby’s parties through the incident with the drunks and the car and the husbands and wives arguing. His parties get out of control, becasue it’s all just a big drunk. Not many leave happy and sober.
What is the purpose of the last section of this chapter that begins, “Reading over what I have written so far…”? It tells about Nick’s life away from Tom and Daisy and everyone. You see his good and bad feelings for NY and Jordan.

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