Tchaikovsky – Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture

Strings Violins (1&2)ViolasCelloDouble BassHarp
Woodwind PiccoloFluteOboeClarinet (in A)Corr AnglaisBassoons
Brass Horns (in F)Trumpets (in E)Tenor TrombonesBass TromboneTuba
Percussion Timpani (in E, B & F#)CymbalsBass Drum
Form Modified sonata form
Time Signature 4/4
Programme Music instrumental music which depicts a mood or tells a story
Concert Overture one-movement orchestrial piece, performed in a concert hall
Friar Laurence Theme: Main Features F# minorMelody on clarinetMainly step movementEnd on chord V- Imperfect
Strife Theme: Main Features B minorRepeated NotesSyncopationDotted RhythmAscending & Descending scalesDialogue between strings and woodwind
Love Theme: Main Features D flat MajorCorr Anglais & ViolaLeaps and Step Movement comboFalling seconds & Dim 5th’s in melody
andante non tasto- quasi moderato not too slow, almost moderate
poco piu f a little louder
poco a poco cresc getting gradually louder
dolce sweetly
dolce ma sensible sweetly but sensitively
marc./marcato well marked/accented
legato smoothly
pizz. pluck the strings
arco play the strings with bow
div. divided strings
unis all play the same note
string. getting faster
accel. getting faster
allegro giusto fast and lively in strict time
molto meno mosso a lot less movement
espr. with expression
con sord with mute
senza sord without mute
sfz stress on the note
sempre always
cresc molto getting much louder
amoroso emotionally & tenderly
moderato assai at a very moderate speed
tremolo a note or chord bowed very rapidly so as to produce a quavering effect
A2 two instruments play the same style of music
tonic key f sharp minor
form sonata
programme music tells a story
arco bowed
pizzicato plucked
divisi divided
andante walking pace
overture instrumental piece preceding an opera
composer’s nationality russian
coda finishing section
chromaticism moving in semitones
year of completion 1880
1st subject strife theme
2nd subject love theme
introductory theme friar laurence
sonata form expo develop recap coda
Fg bassoon
Vc cello
Ci cor anglais
Pi cymbals
Gc bass drum
transposing heard at a different pitch than written
viola clef alto clef
trombone clef tenor clef