Tale of Two Cities Study Guide

Who are “The Woodman” and “The Farmer”? Woodman- fateFarmer- death
What do you think the “certain moveable framework” is? The guillotine
What is the mood of chapter two? Dark, dreary
What do you think the phrase “recalled to life” means? Dr. Manette has been found/released/saved.
Does the author feel humans trust one another? No. They are suspicious of everyone around them.
Describe Jerry Cruncher in chapter three. Jerry is very secretive and keeps to himself.
What could “buried alive for 18 years” mean besides the literal and impossible? Buried alive for 18 years could mean that he was trapped/locked away for 18 years and now he is free and can live again.
Explain what happened to Lucie when she was a small child. Lucie believed that her father had died (when he had really just been imprisoned), and two years after that her mother died. She was then an orphan and was sent to England.
Who is Miss Pross? Lucie’s lively and protective servant.
What symbolic meaning is there in the spilled wine? The wine represents the bloodshed of the revolution to come.
What is the Jacquerie? The Jacquerie is the revolutionary group.
In what activity is Mme. Defarge constantly engaged? Knitting.
What is Lucie’s reaction to her father? She immediately starts to comfort him.
Does Dr. Manette want to be recalled to life? No, he just wants to continue making shoes.
Describe Tellson’s Bank. The bank was old-fashioned, ugly, dark, and uncomfortable, but very well respected.
What job did Jerry perform for the bank? Jerry Cruncher is the odd job man for Tellson’s bank, and at the end of this chapter, they summon him and say that they need a porter.
What did Jerry object his wife to doing? Jerry catches his wife praying and yells at her claiming that she has been praying against him rather than for him.
What is the Old Bailey? The Old Bailey was the courthouse.
Describe Charles Darnay. Of what is he accused? Charles is twenty-five years old, tall and good-looking, and confident. He is accused of treason.
What were the people in the courtroom hoping for? They were hoping Darnay would be found guilty so they could see him tortured or killed.
Who are John Barsad and Rodger Cly? Barsad and Cly are both witnesses at the trial testifying against Darnay, but they both turn out to be spies.
Explain how Stryver was able to get Darnay acquitted. Stryver revealed the appearance of a man named Sydney Carton and once they saw the resemblance between him and Darnay, they knew that no one could be sure which one man saw.
What is still bothering Dr. Manette? His time in imprisonment.
Why did Mr. Lorry become angry with Mr. Carton? Mr. Carton emerged drunk, so Lorry was mad at him for not being a serious man of business.
What is the relationship of Stryver and Carton? They had went to school together and now Carton works for Stryver.
Why is Carton so disconsolate? Because he knows that he isn’t doing anything with his life.
Who lives in a house by Soho Square? The Manettes.
How does Dr. Manette now spend his days? Seeing patients and spending time with Lucie.
Who is Solomon, and what happened to him? Solomon is Miss Pross’s brother who took all her money and disappeared.
What upsetting news did Charles bring Dr. Manette? He tells the story of a letter that had been found in an old prison dungeon.
What does the chocolate in chapter seven symbolize? The life of leisure led by the wealthy.
What tragic accident took place in Saint Antoine? A child was killed by a racing carriage owned by the Marquis. The Marquis only stops to check and see if his horses are unharmed.
What do the Defarges do in the midst of this accident? Mr. Defarge tries to comfort Gaspard and throws the coin that was tossed at the grieving father back into the carriage of the Marquis while Mme. Defarge knits.
Explain, “…until the wonder was that there was any village left unswallowed.” This means that living conditions were so bad that many parts of the village would crumble and the people were surprised that anyone could survive.
What adjectives and phrases describe the life of a peasant? People live wretched lives, exploited, poor, and starving.
Who is the nephew of the Marquis? Charles Darnay.
How are the Marquis and his nephew different? The Marquis is heartless and cold; he only cares about material wealth. Charles has relinquished his inheritance because he hates how the peasants are treated.
What happens to the Marquis? He is stabbed (killed) by Gaspard, the father of the child run over by the Marquis’s carriage. He leaves a note signed by “Jacques.”
How is Charles Darnay making a living? Why must he work? He is a French teacher (tutor); he must work like everyone else since he relinquished his inheritance.
What promise does Darnay make to Dr. Manette? He will reveal his family name on the morning of his wedding day.
What does Dr. Manette do after Charles leaves? He begins hammering at his shoemaker’s bench.
What do we learn about Stryver in chapter 11? He wants to marry Lucie. He asks Lorry about this prospect.
What news did Mr. Lorry have for Stryver? He told him it would not be a good idea to propose to Lucie.
What does Carton ask of Lucie? He asks her to keep his confession a secret.
What does Carton’s confession reveal about his personality? He is sensitive, romantic, and has low self-esteem.
What promise does Carton make to Lucie? He will lay down his life for her or one she loves.
Whose funeral occurs in chapter 14? Roger Cly’s.
What does Jerry Cruncher do for his second income? What does he say he is doing? He is a grave robber, but he tells his family he is going fishing.
Why do you think Jerry beat his wife in chapter 14? He thinks she is responsible for his grave robbing not going as planned.
What story does the mender of roads relate? He tells about the execution of Gaspard.
What kind of mood does Jacques Three create? One of bloodlust.
What is decided about the “château and all its race”? That they should be exterminated.
Who came into the wine shop and what news does he bring? John Barsad comes into the wine shop to tell them that Charles Darnay is going to marry Lucie Manette.
Does Mme Defarge trust him? How do you know? No, she picks up the rose (which means that the revolutionaries can’t talk business) when he enters the tavern, and she does not reveal her sympathy for the revolution.
Is Charles in danger? Why? Yes, because Mme. Defarge knits his name onto the list of those whom the revolutionaries must kill.
How does Lucie’s father feel about her marriage? He feels happy for her but sorry for himself.
Where will Dr. Manette live after the wedding? He will live at the house in Soho with Charles and Lucie.
What did Charles Darnay tell Dr. Manette the morning of the wedding? How did it affect the doctor? Why do you think he reacted this way? He revealed his true family name. Dr. Manette becomes pale and later has a relapse. He reacted this way because Charles’s family was the reason for his imprisonment.
Why do you think Mr. Lorry decided not to inform Lucie about her father’s condition? Mr. Lorry didn’t want Lucie to worry and rush home from her honeymoon.
Describe the approach Mr. Lorry used to tell Dr. Manette what had happened to him. Instead of asking if he should remove his tools, he asked that if a blacksmith had had the same condition if they should remove his tools.
What did Sydney Carton ask of Darnay? He asks to be friends with him so he can be close to Lucie and her family.
What did Lucie have to say about Carton? What did she ask of Charles? She thinks Carton is kind and has potential. She asks Charles to befriend him.
How many children have Lucie and Charles had? What tragedy occurred involving one of the children? They have two children – one daughter, Little Lucie and one son, but the son gets sick and dies.
What happens in France during this time? The revolution begins – The Storming of the Bastille.
Why do you think Defarge searched 105 North Tower? He knew that was Manette’s old prison cell.
What is Mme. Defarge’s role in the revolution? She leads the women and beheads the governor.
Who is The Vengeance? Madame Defarge’s right hand woman who is very mean.
Why was Foulon hated so much? He once told the people to eat grass.
Are the problems in France over? What conditions exist? No, the people are still miserable and the countryside is ruined.
Why didn’t any of the villagers try to control the fire at the château? Because they didn’t want to be in trouble with the revolutionaries.
Who is Gabelle? What happened to him? He is the tax collector, postmaster, and caretaker of the château; he is captured and jailed.
In chapter 24, how many years have passed since the storming of the Bastille? Three years.
What had many of the displaced gentry in France done? They ran away from France.
What has Mr. Lorry decided to do? He will go to Paris to protect Tellson’s bank.
Who writes to Charles from France? What does he want? Gabelle writes to Charles to help him gain his release from prison.
What is Charles’ “Loadstone Rock”? France.
Why is Darnay arrested? Where is he taken? By whose orders? He is an emigrant aristocrat. He is taken to LaForce prison by Defarge’s orders.
What insight does Charles’ imprisonment give him? He understands why Dr. Manette made shoes.
What surprises Mr. Lorry in chapter 2? Mr. Lorry is surprised when Lucie and Dr. Manette arrive in Paris.
What does Dr. Manette try to do? Dr. Manette tries to help Charles get out of prison.
What gruesome scene does Mr. Lorry keep Lucie from seeing? The gruesome scene they avoid is watching the peasants sharpen their weapons of murder on the grindstone.
Why did Mr. Lorry find different lodgings for the Manettes? He found different lodgings for the Manettes because he wanted to protect the bank.
Who brought the message from Dr. Manette to Lorry? What was it? Defarge brought a message Dr. Manette to Mr. Lorry. The note said that Charles was safe and there is hope.
How did Lucie react to Mme. Defarge? Lucie begged Madame Defarge to have pity, but she was rebuffed. Lucie becomes afraid.
Why is Mme. Defarge so unsympathetic? Madame Defarge is unsympathetic because she has seen so many other mothers and children killed by the aristocracy.
What information was concealed from Lucie? The information concealed from Lucie is that there had been a murderous raid on the prison.
How much time has elapsed since Charles was sent to prison? In Chapter four, Charles has been in prison for one year. By the time of his trial, he has been in prison for 15 months (1 year and 3 months)
What are the conditions in France now? The conditions in France are wild. The people have gone nearly insane (Reign of Terror).
What fear does Lucie have on page 272? Lucie fears the wood-sawyer is a spy for the Defarge’s.
Where does Lucie go everyday? Everyday Lucie goes to a corner where Charles might see her from the prison.
What is the Carmagnole? Why does it scare Lucie so much? Its the dance of the revolutionaries; celebrates death and wood-sawyer participates.
For what reasons is Charles released? Charles is released from prison because he relinquished his inheritance and was married to the daughter of a patriot.
What was the crowd’s response to the acquittal? The crowd cheered at news of Charles’s acquittal.
Why didn’t the family leave Paris as soon as Charles was released? The family did not leave right away because it was dangerous and would look suspicious. They needed to have the proper papers to travel safely.
Why is Charles re-arrested? Charles is re-arrested because he has been denounced by three people.
Who do Miss Pross and Jerry meet while they are shopping? Miss Pross and Jerry meet Solomon Pross (Miss Pross’s brother) while they are shopping.
What does Carton reveal about Solomon Pross? Carton reveals that Solomon Pross is using a fake name – John Barsad. He was once employed by the English and now by France, which makes him appear to be a counter-spy.
What was buried in Roger Cly’s coffin? Rocks and dirt.
Where does Solomon work? Solomon now works as the turnkey at LaForce prison.
What deal does Carton make with Solomon/Barsad? Carton makes a deal with Solomon/Barsad to be admitted once to Darnay’s cell.
Does Carton reveal his plans to anyone? Carton does not reveal his plan to anyone. However, Mr. Lorry may infer what he is going to do.
Why do you think he bought the drugs from the chemist? He bought the drugs from the chemist so he could drug Darnay and change places with him.
What three people have denounced (accused) Darnay? The three people who have denounced Darnay are both the Defarges and Dr. Manette.
Summarize Dr. Manette’s letter. Doctor Manette’s letter states that he was called to tend a raving peasant girl and her dying brother. The brother, dying of a stab wound, revealed how his sister’s husband had been worked to death by the Evremondes, the sister raped, the father dead of shock, and how he hid his other sister. When Manette tried to report the mistreatment to the authorities, he was thrown inprison on orders of the Marquis Evremonde.
Does Charles blame Dr. Manette for the letter? No.
What does Sydney Carton whisper to Lucie? What do you think he means? Carton whispers to Lucie, “A life you love.” He means she will have a happy life once again with the man that she loves.
What does Mme. Defarge find curious about Carton? Madame Defarge thinks Carton looks very much like Charles.
What special reason does Mme. Defarge have for wanting Charles to die? She is the surviving sister of the peasant family spoken of in Dr. Manette’s letter.
Who else is in danger? Lucie, little Lucie, and even Dr. Manette are in danger.
How has Dr. Manette handled the announcement of Charles’ impending death? He is looking for his shoemaking tools again.
What instructions does Carton give Mr. Lorry? He tells them to leave the instant he jumps in the carriage.
Explain Carton’s plan for Charles to escape. Carton and Charles will exchange clothes. Carton will drug Charles to make it appear he fainted. Charles (masquerading as Carton) will be carried out of the prison.
What is the significance of the seamstress who is also going to the Guillotine? She sees Carton as a hero and knows nothing else about him.
What humor does Dickens add at this very tense point in the novel? Jerry Cruncher insists on Miss Pross hearing his two vows – to give up his grave-robbing and not to interfere with his wife’s praying.
Why did Mme. Defarge come to Lucie’s house? Madame Defarge came to Lucie’s house to kill her.
What did Miss Pross do? Was she justified? Miss Pross shot Madame Defarge in self-defense.
Does anyone, besides Miss Pross, know that Mme. Defarge is dead? No, but The Vengeance is trying to figure out why she is not at the execution of Darnay.
Explain: “Crush humanity out of shape once more, under similar hammers, and it will twist itself into the same tortured forms.” Dickens is saying that revolution is always the result of exploiting people.
Do you think Carton died with a peaceful heart? Why? Yes because he finally did something with his life.

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