Tale of Two Cities Book the Second Chapters 5-8 Quiz

What name does Stryver call Carton? Stryver calls Sydney Carton by the name of Memory.
What words does Dickens use to describe Stryver and Carton? Dickens uses the word lion to characterize Stryver while he describes Carton as a jackal.
What does Carton actually do for Stryver? Although Carton does most of the work as Stryver’s assistant and partner in the business of law, Stryver receives most of the credit for Carton’s work. Carton does the research and the work while Stryver is praised for Carton’s hard work.
How does Dickens describe the Manettes’ home? Dickens describes Dr. Manette’s home in England as calm, in sharp contrast to the chaos and destruction to Paris, France. He describes the Manette’s house as peaceful and a place of refuge and security.
How does Dickens describe the privileged class in France? Dickens uses the words extravagant, superficial, and useless to describe the privileged class in France.
What feelings does Monsieur the Marquis have toward the child his carriage has run down? When the child is run down, Monsieur Marquis is inconsiderate and does not bother of the events that have taken place. He feels no sympathy for the child or the family, but is angered at the fact that it has delayed his trip.
What is the countryside of France like? The countryside of France is described as having the same starved look that the people of France do. Just as the people of France are suffering, the land and nature in general are suffering as well.
Bacchanalian- a drunken feast
Deprecatory- to express regret or disapproval
Anchorage- source of reassurance
imputation- reproach
retributive- punishment given in repayment
emulative- striving to equal or surpass
escutcheon- family name, crest, shield
steeped- Soaked
propitiate- atone; make amends

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