Tale Of Two Cities

What is the most famous paragraph in all of English literature? The opening paragraph of TTC (Tale of Two Cities): “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”
The opening paragraph of TTC is an example of ______. Parallelism
What was the attitude of British and French nobility concerning the future of their rule? Set forever, not going to change
In France, what was a common punishment for not kneeling to honor monks? Chop off hands, pull out tongue, burned alive
What was the crime situation in England at this time? Most people were hanged for all crimes
How did passengers on the Dover mail interact with each other? Why did they act this way? No interaction; suspicious of one another (theft)
What was the guard’s initial reaction to the arrival of Jerry Cruncher? Worried, on guard, had a handheld on him
Who is Cruncher’s message for, and what is this gentleman’s occupation? Mr. Jarvis Lorry; a banker for Tellson’s Bank
What was Cruncher’s message and what was the reply? What do you think these messages mean? “Wait at Dover for Mam’selle”: obvious (Dover is a city in England)”Recalled to Life”: someone’s being resurrected (weird)
What is Cruncher’s reaction to the message he is to take to Tellson’s? He is confused
What question does Mr. Lorry ask the spectre (ghost)? What was the response? “How long were you buried?””18 years”
What do you think is the meaning of the conversation between the ghost and Mr. Lorry? Someone was buried for 18 years
Describe Mr. Lorry’ dress and physical appearance. Flapping hat, muddy legs, tangle of shaggy wrapper, like a larger sort of dog, associated with the color brown
Who is Mr. Lorry waiting for in Dover? Mam’selle (Lucie Manette)
Have Mr. Lorry and the young lady met before? If so, when and under what circumstances? Yes, he carried her over the English Channel into England
What is Lucie’s reaction to the news of Mr. Lorry in Dover? She falls, like in a coma
What are the people’s reaction to the broken wine flask (in Saint Antoine)? They sip it up off the ground, out of the road and the mud, etc. (disgusting peasants)
The spilled wine is a symbol for what? Blood
What is the power that has ground the people down (in St. Antoine)? What does this tell us about the conditions in France? Hunger; horrible level of starvation
Describe Defarge and his wife. Defarge: stocky, military manMme Defarge: large woman, was knitting
Why do the men in the wine shop refer to each other as Jacques? Look up the word “jacquerie” for a hint! The code name for a revolutionary(Jacquerie means “a communal uprising or revolt”)
Why have Mr. Lorry and Ms. Manette come to Defarge’s wine shop? Why was Defarge chosen for this duty? To see and get Lucie’s father (Dr. Manette); Defarge was his servant
Why do you think Defarge shows Dr. Manette to the Jacques? Defarge was his servant, and to show the revolutionaries what was being done to innocent people like Dr. Manette
Describe Saint Antoine and Defarge’s staircase. Antoine: blood in street, disgusting, sipping wine out of mud and groundStaircase: disgusting, smelled bad, trashy
What is Dr. Manette doing when they enter the room where he was staying with Defarge? Making shoes
Describe the Doctor’s physical appearance. What does this say about his prison experience? White hairs, weak voice, yellow clothes (same clothes for 18 years); bad and tiresome
Why physical characteristic tells us that Lucie is indeed the Doctor’s daughter? Her golden hair is similar to that do her mother (Doctor’s wife)
When the doctor compares the strands of golden hair in his “locket” to Lucie’s hair, what is his first conclusion? Does he finally figure out the truth? First, his wife, then, it is his daughter
What is the significance of the tile of Book I, “Recalled to Life”? Dr. Manette’s “resurrection”
What is the subject of Mr. Lorry’s dream? How does this relate to the literal events of the story? Ghost/spectre and Lorry having a conversation, the ghost was “buried” for 18 years, but really alive and imprisoned.
With whom has Dr. Manette been staying since his release from prison? In what activity does his hostess constantly engage? Defarge; knitting, while he is shoemaking
How does Dickens portray character’s personalities and futures? By their name: Lucie comes from Latin for the word “light”, as she is described as a shining example for others
Describe Tellson’s Bank. What is the bank’s attitude toward change? Dark, old, musty. Old fashioned, so avoidance
How does Tellson’s treat the young men in its employ? They make them old, age them like cheese; become old-fashioned and work-a-holics
What behavior of Mrs. Cruncher makes Mr. Cruncher angry? Why does this anger him? Prays; “she is praying against him and his son”
What physical characteristic of his father’s does young Jerry wonder about? Can you make a guess about it? Clean to bed, then mud on boost and rust on hands in the morning. Something at night that needs metal and dirt: Grave robbery
What is the mother of young Jerry truly praying about at night? That whatever Mr. Cruncher is doing at night isn’t bad
What does Mr. Cruncher think is “Barbarous”? Punishment for treason: quartering
What is the “old Bailey” and what is it famous for? A court; Tried and convicted, no one ever found innocent
Who is being tried at Old Bailey, and what is the charge against him? Charles Darnay; high treason
Who is present in the courtroom to act as witnesses to the prosecution against Darnay? They’d ef Roger Cly, John Barsad; Manettes, Lorry
Where did Mr. Lorry, Ms. Manette, and Dr. Manette first meet Charles Darnay? What was Lucie’s opinion of him? Ship back from France; kind, helpful in assisting her to care for her crazy dad
What did the wigged gentleman who was looking who was looking at the ceiling point out to the counsel, Mr. Stryver, on the piece of paper that he thew to him? The man being tried looked similar to the man writing the note, could be the wrong guy being tried
What does Stryver say about Mr. Barsad and Mr. Cly? Both corrupt and paid
What happens in the courtroom to prove that Mr. Carton is much more observant than his manner lets on? He notices Lucie
What personal service does Carton do for Darnay? What do you think this hints at for the future? Found not guilty; first person to walk out innocent and alive: maybe a plot twist coming soon
What is the verdict of Darnay’s trial? Not guilty, first one from “old Bailey” to be in that situation
What do you think Carton’s and Darnay’s toast foreshadows? Something is going to happen to Lucie, but since Darnay likes her, it is not too probable
What is Sydney Carton’s opinion of himself? No one cares for him, and he cares for no one
What is Carton’s job? He is Mr. Stryver’s assistant
Describe Carton’s working routine. Include when, where, and how. Sleeps, trowel, gets drunk and eats, works with Stryver and drinks again then works with Stryver again, and the cycle repeats
From Book II, Chapter V, describe Carton’s life and tell how you think he feels about it. He is life’s loser and he knows he has fallen very far from where he could have been
Where does Mr. Lorry go most Sundays? Why? He walks along the sunny streets if Clerkenwell (where he lived) to dine with Dr. Manette
What kind of housekeeper is Lucie? Pretty good; clean
Describe Miss Pross as she appears on the surface and how she really is once you get to know her? Jealous & manly & rude; caring for Lucie and unselfish on the inside
How does Miss Pross describe the Doctor’s mental condition? What does it take to soothe him? He is uncertain whether he can prevent losing himself again (in a relapse); Lucie
Who are the “hundreds of people” that visit the Manettes’ house on Sundays? The “suitors”
What kinds of people associate themselves with the Monseigneur? What does this say about what it takes to get ahead in France at this time? Very rich (wealthy) aristocracy; very difficult and virtually impossible unless born into the nobility or married into it, so either really rich or really bad off
Describe the “accident” that befalls the Monsieur the Marquis in the streets of Paris. Runs over a small child (child dies)
What is the Marquis’s attitude toward the “accident” on the roads of Paris? Check the horse, throws a coin out the window, kid is lucky to be out of his misery
What happens after the Marquis throws a coin out the window after his road accident? What is the significance? It is thrown back in; there is no recompense by money, just revenge, and there is more coming (revolution)
What are the conditions of the Marquis’s home village? Devastated, no crops, so extreme hunger
Who was the man who told the father of the dead child to be strong and to know that the child was out of misery? Defarge, speaking to Gaspard
What unusual sight did the roadmender see? What prediction can you make of this? Man (or ghost) under carriage; it is probably Gaspard, the father of the killed child
Who is the Marquis expecting at his château? Can you guess the identity of this person? Monsieur Charles; Darnay
Of what does Darnay accuse his uncle? “You might be the one who got me accused”
What is the Marquis’s philosophy of keeping the common people under control? Repression of the people (fear and slavery)
What is Darnay’s opinion of his family’s behavior and what does he plan to do about it? It is horrible; renounced his family
What happens to the Marquis a while after Darnay leaves, and what does the note tell us? Dead, with a knife in him; “Drive him fast to his tomb. This from Jacques”
How does Darnay avoid being linked with the Evrèmonde family? Changed his last name to Darnay
Who is Monseigneur’s twin? Who is his nephew? Charles’s father, Charles
What was Darnay’s mothers last request before she died? To fix the Evrèmonde family
A year after his uncle’s death, describe Charles Darnay’s professional and personal condition Higher teacher of the French language in England
In proclaiming his love for Lucie, how does Charles Darnay show consideration for Dr. Manette? Darnay asks and speaks to the Doctor first
What are the two promises that the Doctor makes to Charles? He won’t tell anybody until Lucie says she loves Darnay; the original name of Darnay is not to be said until the morning of the potential wedding
What is the effect on the Doctor of making these promises? Why do you think they had this affect in him? Closes his ears and Darnay’s mouth and looks at the ground, then makes shoes; another relapse of his imprisoned life
What future plan does Stryver confess to Carton? Stryver is looking to marry Lucie
What does Stryver advise Carton to do? Find a woman who could take care of him and have property
Why does Stryver stop in Tellson’s to tell Mr. Lorry of his plans? To notify him
What is Mr. Lorry’s reaction to Stryver’s news? Why? Bad idea! To protect Lucie, a fatherly act from a family friend
What does Mr. Lorry offer to do for Stryver? Find out whether Lucie will say yes it not
What is Stryver’s attitude when lLorry comes to the house with information, and why does he act this way? “Oh, her loss…”; to conceal his hurt feelings (probably)
In his talk with Lucie, what is Carton’s opinion if himself? Laments his wasted life
What does Carton say he would do if Lucie should love him? Decline, he’ll never be worthy
What memory does Carton want to take with him? That she thinks he should retry his life
What promise does Carton make Lucie? Where do you think this promise will lead him? He will die for her and those she loves –> he will have to die
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Darnay is on trial Two spies gave evidence against him
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Darnay is innocent Carton says they look similar
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Dr. Manette turns pale in the garden A character mentions his past
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Marquis’s trip is interrupted He runs over a boy
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Mender of roads is scared of carriage A man (or ghost) is under the carriage
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Two places set for dinner at Monseigneur’s château Darnay is coming for dinner
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Another “stone face” in château Jacques assassin is waiting
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Lorry must dissuade Stryver from proposing to Lucie He cares for her and is protecting her
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Darnay does not tell Dr. Manette his real name (Evrèmonde) Manette says he will know the morning of the wedding day (if it happens)
What is the “because”‘of the following event:Carton admires and loves Lucie She is the only one who listens and cares for him
To what person does the title of Book II, “The Golden Thread”, refer? Why is this title a good one? Lucie (her hair); she is a light to those around her and her hair is an apparently very attractive aspect of her
Why has Charles Darnay given up his inheritance? What is his uncle’s reaction to his decision? He did not want to be associated with the family; “huh…, how will you make money, etc,”
What does Sydney Carton say he would do for Lucie at the end of the last chapter of Book II? Do you think he is trustworthy? Die for her and her loved ones; yes, especially for Lucie
Why do you think Carton resents Darnay? Darnay is where Carton could have been
What kind of a person is Sydney Carton? Hates himself, a drunk, hopeless loser who neglects to use his skills
How is Carton an outsider? Hid in the shadows after the trial and then approached Darnay after everyone else had left
What is the foreshadowing of the event:When coin flipped back into carriage No payment, only revenge (revolution)
What is the foreshadowing of the event: Gaspard writes “blood” on the wall Revolution and shed of blood
What is the foreshadowing of the event: Carton’s promise to die for Lucie and her loves ones He will probably die
What is the foreshadowing of the event: If roof shuts out the sky, then people will still be repressed… House burned down (eventually)
Whose funeral procession does the crowd attack? Roger Cly; a spy
What is Jerry Cruncher’s reaction to the mob violence? Joins in
Describe Mr. Cruncher’s “fishing tackle”. What kind of “fish” do you think he is going for with this type of “tackle”? Shovel, pick axe; bodies, or grave robberies
What name does young Jerry give to his father’s “trade”, and what is Mr. Cruncher’s response when young Jerry says he wants to be in that trade when he grows up? Do you see an irony in “resurrection man” and “recalled to life”? Resurrection Man; proud; resurrection not a positive action here (grave robberies and selling bodies to science)
What was the fate of the Marquis’s killer, and who reported that fate to Defarge? Hung; mender of roads
What is the sentence that Defarge and his compatriots give after hearing the fate of the Marquis’s killer? What are the future implications of this sentence? Perpetrator should be registered (knitted); going to die
How are these sentences recorded so that they will be kept secret until the appropriate time? Madame Defarge knits in her own code
Why does Defarge compliment his guest for cheering the king and queen? Make them think they are loved
What information does Defarge get from Jacques on the police force? Where have you heard of this man before? New ENGLISH spy, John Barsad; witness against Darnay in trial
T/F: Barsad is English, spying on the French T
T/F: Roger Cly is French, spying against the English T
Why is Defarge depressed, and how does Mme Defarge comfort him? Revolution taking too long; analogy if earthquake and lightning (aka “suck it up”)
What is the significance of Mme Defarge pinning a rise in her hair? Signal of the need to have a meeting
What does the spy learn from the Defarges, and what do they learn from him? Why does the spy’s information disturb the Defarges? Where Dr. Manette is; Lucie’s getting married to Darnay; Darnay is on the hit list since he is an Evrèmonde
What are the Doctor’s feelings about Lucie’s impending marriage? Happy, talks about imprisonment
What does Charles Darnay tell the Doctor on the morning of his marriage to Lucie? His last name (real name), which is Evrèmonde
What is the Doctor’s response to the combination if this information and the giving of his daughter in marriage? Makes shoes for NINE DAYS (Evrèmonde is the family that imprisoned him)
What does the information Darnay passed onto Manette concerning Darnay’s real name have to do with the guillotine? Evrèmondes to be killed by guillotine
Who does Ms. Pross wish to be the bridegroom for Lucie? Solomon Pross, her brother
What two things does Lorry do in reaction to the Doctor being in relapse for nine days? Never tell Lucie, and never tell clients
How does Mr. Lorry go about approaching the Doctor about his condition for the nine days without upsetting him? Hypothetical situation of Lorry’s friend, a blacksmith
What is the Doctor’s opinion about the future of Mr. Lorry’s “hypothetical” man? If you don’t care it, permanent state is possible and probable
What does the Doctor say is the one thing that could bring on another relapse? What does he mean by this? If his mind is idle; NOT learning
What recommendation does Mr. Lorry make to the Doctor, and how does he talk him into following it? Remove tools of relapse, so in actual situation, breaking bench and remove other shoemaking tools to prevent another relapse
What request does Carton make of Charles? If he could visit 4 times a year
What does Lucie request of Charles? To respect Carton, no matter what
What is the significance of the “echoing footsteps”? Lucie’s children, things of future (little Lucie and dead son)
What sad thing befell Charles and Lucie during this time period? Son that died (“kiss Carton for me”)
What has happened to Carton and Stryver over the years? Carton is sober, and Stryver is married and ambitious
Who is the one who really likes Carton? Little Lucie, six years old
What happened in Paris on July 14, 1789? What is this referred to as today? How is this ironic? Storming of the Bastille; French Independence Day; only 7 prisoners in prison and no significant gain, just symbolic
Where did Defarge demand to be taken first? Why? A cell, 105 North Tower, where Dr. Manette was, looked for a letter, then burned everything
How does Mme Defarge show her merciless strength? Cut off a governor’s head with a serrated knife
In real history, what was King Louis XVI’s reaction to the Storming of the Bastille? Literally the word “Nothing”, meaning there is no problem
What were the type of prisoners? 4 forgers, mentally unbalanced Irishman (thought he was God and Caesar), incest, attempted assassin; all prisoners well-treated, with plenty of food and allowed to make their own room
Why would the revolting French storm the Bastille? It was a symbol of the French Bourbon (the ruling family) monarchy
Who is Mme Defarge’s lieutenant in leading the women, and what does this “nickname” imply about her? The Vengeance; she is the one who reeks or inflames vengeance, deals it and embodies it
Who was Old Foulon and what was his fate? An aristocrat who told the starving people to feed their hungry children with grass, so killed, head on a pike and grass in his mouth
What has clearly begun by the killing of many aristocrats? Revolution
What is the symbol of the revolutionaries? Red cap
What happens at the Marquis’s villa? What is this an example of? Burned down and Gabelle captured; result of foreshadowing
In the year 1792, where was the headquarters for the “Monseigneur” in Paris? Tellson’s Bank (one in Paris and one in London)
Why is Mr. Lorry going to France? To secure documents of his clients (of Tellson’s Bank), and send a message
What is Gabelle’s urgent plea? If Charles can save him (Gabelle only followed orders)
What is Charles’s decision concerning Gabelle’s plea? Why does he decide on this course of action? What does this say about his character? H will go, he is noble and has a strong and honest character/personality to take the burden of an innocent servant
What is the significance of the novel skipping several years between chapters? The Revolution is building in France and so Dickens is skipping to the crises
What is a way that Dickens employs the role of fate in the novel? Madame Defarge’s knitting
What type of reception does Charles receive in France? Thrown into prison
What is the “emigrant decree”, and how does it a affect Charles? When was it instituted? If one leaves France and then returns, he must die. Charles had come to France to be with Monseigneur, and the day he left was the day it was instituted, so he is under that law
What is Defarge’s reaction to Charles’s plea for help, and why does he act this way? Refuses; he knows Dr. Manette but does not like any Evrèmonde
Who is this La Guillotine and who was become the new darling of France? The guillotine – girls have deep grudges, and the guillotine is the way that the grudges come out, and it is MERCILESS
What about Charles’s detention makes it worse than general imprisonment? Why do you think this is worse? Solitary confinement –> silence! starts saying “he makes shoes”, so the craziness is about to settle on him, too
What horrible thing is located in the countryside of Tellson’s in Paris? What makes it horrible? Grindstone; since there was no food, it was used to sharpen bloody weapons
Who are Mr. Lorry’s surprise guests, and what news do they bring him? Lucie and her dad, Little Lucie, Ms. Pross; saying that Darnay is in prison
Why does the Doctor say he lives a “charmed life” in Paris? A revolutionary hero; imprisoned for 18 years
What is the mob’s reaction to the Doctor’s plea for help? To help him, and lifted him on their shoulders
Who is the messenger that comes to Mr. Lorry, and what is his message? Defarge; Darnay will have trial
Why does Madame Defarge say she visits Lucie, and what is her true reason? To familiarize herself; knitting Lucie and little Lucie into the hit list
What does Lucie ask of Mme Defarge, and how does she respond? To save Darnay; revolution won’t stop, so there is nothing she can do to help (she wants them all dead)
What conditions does the Doctor find in prison? Court tribune –>rich, wealthy prisons
What has the 18 years in prison done for the Doctor? Strengthened him; more confident, more heroic
What position did the Doctor achieve because of his status, and how does this position help Charles? Doctor to all prisons, Doctor will see Darnay a lot
What is the new legal order in France at the time? If you mourn over someone executed or imprisoned, you will die as well
How does Lucie respond to living fifteen months in constant fear that every day might be his last? What does this say about her? Stands out of prison; caring and persistent, has hope
What small scrap of good news does the Doctor bring Lucie? Darnay can see her
Who is the wood-sawyer, and what is his attitude toward those in prison? Mender of roads; kill everybody (talking to Little Lucie –> creepy!)
What is the Carmagnole, and why does Lucie think it is terrible? A dance in the streets, awful people, persons turning into animals
Who orchestrates Charles’s acquittal, and is his defense built on fact or emotion? Dr. Manette, emotion
What is the mob’s reaction to Charles’s acquittal, and why is this surprising? Carry Manette on their soldiers; mob only wants to be with Manette and let Darnay go; he is an Evrèmonde
Why do Charles and his family stay in France, and what is their style of living there? Too soon to try to escape, would look suspicious; had no money, Darnay spent the money in the prison on the outrageous prices
What happens to Charles on his first night of freedom? Four guys take him BACK to prison
Who do Ms. Pross and Jerry Cruncher run into while shopping? Solomon Pross, brother of Ms. Pross
Who does Carton know Solomon as? John Barsad (a spy)
How does Carton get this man to help him? He threatens to release his identity
What startling information does Mr. Cruncher have concerning the death of Roger Cly, and how does this information help Carton? Cly faked his death, and Carton is going to try to save the day
What is Barsad going to do for Carton? What do you think his plan is? Access to Darnay once; try to switch spots
What memory gives Carton comfort as be wanders around the streets of Paris, and what does it tell us of why he turned out the way he did? Father’s funeral; (“I am the resurrection and the life”)
Who are Charles’s accusers? Why is one of them particularly surprising? Defarges and Dr. Manette; Manette tried to save Darnay
What is the form of Manette’s accusation? Paper (letter)
Who are the twin brothers who need the Doctor’s service? Darnay’s uncle and father (Evrèmonde twins)
Who is the sick woman, and what is wrong with her? Mme Defarge’s oldest sister; raped then went crazy
What is the brother’s character in trying to save family Brave
What was the boy’s last act, and how has it turned out? Cursed the family, they will all die
What was the Marquis St. Evrèmonde’s wife request of the Doctor? Whose mother was she? She wants to know the family of the family of the woman. Darnay’s
Who had put the Doctor in prison and why? Brothers; Manette writes about what happened and was going to notify authorities but Evrèmondes intercepted it
What was the last thing the a Doctor wrote in his account, and what effect does this reading have? Denounce the family; kill them on bathe spot –> Darnay to die
Why didn’t Lucie collapse when Charles was condemned, and what does this say about her Collapsing would mean she cares for him, and so killed. She is being strong for her husband
Why did Carton encourage Dr. Manette to continue his efforts to free Charles? What does this say about Carton? Shoemaking tools gone; considerate
Why did Carton go to Defarge’s wine shop? So Defarges see the look-alike between Carton and Darnay
What are Madame Defarge and Defarge arguing over? Mme says kill all Manettes, and Defarge says not to kill Doctor
Why is Mme Defarge so merciless to Darnay and his family? The crimes of the Evrèmonde family is too much to handle, too many grudges
What is the Doctor’s condition when he returns, and what is its cause? Wants to make shoes –> breakdown
What papers does Carton give Lorry to hold? “Passports” of Manettes, and HIS
Why does Carton instruct to be prepared to leave the next day? What do you think is Carton’s plan? So they cannot catch Darnay, since it seems Carton will die in Charles’s place
What does Charles write in his “last” letter? Written to Lucie, Dr. Manette, and Lorry
How does Carton get Charles to go along with his plan? He says that Lucie sent him there
How does Carton get Charles out of prison? Trades places
How is Carton going to keep the promise he made to Lucie years before? He will die in place of Darnay
What is Mme Defarge’s plan and what does Defarge think of it? Find Lucie mourning and kill her; don’t tell Dr. Manette
What plan are Ms. Pross and Mr. Cruncher following and why? Go to ENG after rest of crew, so not to arouse suspicion by all leaving at once
What happens between Ms. Pross and Mme Defarge? A fight, and Ms. Pross shoots Mme Defarge in the head
What does Carton foretell for Charles and Lucie, and how does their future bring honor to his name? The better deed Carton is doing; named a child after him

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