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To Kill a Mockingbird Flashcards

TKAM: Chapter 18 Reading Quiz

Describe the Ewell’s home life. Their dad was never there. The kids don’t go to school and they are not taken care of. What point was Atticus trying to make in having Tom stand up? Tom’s physical condition was poor…

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To Kill a Mockingbird Puzzle

Novel’s narrator Scout Girl who claimed she was raped Mayella Boy who visits his Aunt Rachel Dill Neighborhood Recluse Boo Radley Black man accused of rape Tom Robinson Pastor of the Negro church Rev. Sykes Uneasy spirits manifested s patches…

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Scouts ability to write “Calpurnia was to blame for this” Teaching “I seldom please her and she seldom rewarded me” Exceeding expectations “Atticus said Calpurnia had more education than most coloured folks” Effect on Finch household “We couldn’t operate a…

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To Kill a Mockingbird, Part 2

Why does Aunt Alexandra move to Maycomb? To save the children from their upbringing Aunt Alexandra is preoccupied (obsessed) with what two things? manners and society How does Atticus react when Alexandra suggests that he should fire Calpurnia? He refuses…

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