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Things Fall Apart Flashcards

Things Fall Apart: Chapter 7

How long does Ikemefuna stay with Okonkwo’s family? 3 years What effect does Ikemefuna have on Nwoye? He seems to have “kindled a new fire” in Nwoye, who, much to Okonkwo’s pleasure, becomes more masculine in his attitude What does…

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Things fall apart Quizlet

Okonkwo The novel’s main character and an influential clan leader, ______ fears becoming an unsuccessful, weak man like his father, Unoka. As a result, ______ is hardworking and aggressive, traits that bring him fame and wealth at the beginning of…

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Things Fall Apart Chapters 1-4

Chapter 1: Who is Amalinze the Cat?2 points: Two answers 1. An undefeated wrestler 2. Okonkwo throws him and wins the contest Chapter 1: Describe Okonkwo physically.2 points: Two answers 1. He is huge2. He has an intense face. Chapter…

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Things Fall Apart – Chapter 16

Obierika does. Who come to visit Okonkwo on his fourth year of exile? In Mbanta. Where does Okonkwo live during his exile? Sad news. What news does Obierika bring? In Umuofia. Where does Obierika live? White Chrisitan missionaries have built…

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Things Fall Apart: Chapter 8

What illness befalls Okonkwo? Okonkwo sinks into a depression. He feels weak, and he cannot sleep or eat. What happens three days later? When Ezinma brings him his evening meal three days later, she tells him that he must finish…

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Things Fall Apart: Chapter 20

What does Okonkwo realize upon returning? Okonkwo realizes that he’s probably lost his high position in his fatherland; someone else probably took his place as one of the nine masked spirits and he’s probably no longer in a position to…

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