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The Merchant of Venice Flashcards

English – Merchant of Venice Themes

Love Versus Hate There is an element of love in The Merchant of Venice. Bassanio’s courtship of Portia is romantic and passionate. Bassanio praises Portia as a ‘demi-god’ with ‘sugar breath’. Gratiano and Nerissa marry soon after Portia and Bassanio.…

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Merchant of Venice Quotes

In my school-days, when I had lost one shaft,I shot his fellow of the self-same flightThe self-same way with more advised watch,To find the other forth, and by adventuring bothI oft found both: I urge this childhood proof,Because what follows…

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Merchant Of Venice Webcast Review

“For Jews, Venice is also a place with a dark history.” Why? It is where the world’s first ghetto was instituted. Define “ghetto.” Where did this word originate? The word “ghetto” is from the Italian ghetto meaning “casting” How do…

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Merchant of Venice

Who was Antonio? Merchant of Venice Who was Bassanio? Antonio’s best friend, had a lot of debts, came to Antonio for money to win Portia Who was Gratiano? Good friend of Antonio and Bassanio, went to Belmont with Bassanio, loud…

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