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The Crucible Flashcards

The Crucible Act 1 Quiz

In what year did the play take place? 1692 Why is Reverend Parris reluctant to let people know of Betty’s illness? He feels that his enemies will destroy his reputation What were Betty and Abigail doing in the forest when…

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The Crucible-Quiz Questions/Answers

In his introduction to the play, how does Miller explain what really motivated the people of Salem to accuse their neighbors, friends, and relatives of witchcraft? Miller explains that everyone in Salem wanted vengeance upon others for various reasons. Because…

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The Crucible Act 3 – Questions

he told her she was reading books so he didn’t trust her. Why does Giles say that he “broke charity”” with is wife? Salem court house What is the specific setting of Act 3? he’s on the side of the…

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The Crucible act one questions and answers

When and where is the play set? Salem, Massachusetts, 1692 What does Abigail confess to Reverend Parris? that they were dancing What is wrong with Betty Parris? she won’t wake up For whom does Abigail work? Whose niece is she?…

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