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Of Mice and Men Flashcards

Chapter 5 of mice and men

What happened to Lennie’s puppy? What is his reaction? Lennie’s puppy died because he handled it too roughly. He’s sad and he’s angry. Why is Lennie angry at the dead puppy? He knows George is going to be mad, and…

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Of Mice & Men Quotes – Loneliness

Book Loneliness Quote ‘Candy looked for help from face to face’ Crookes Loneliness Quote 1 “A guy needs a guy near him” Crookes Loneliness Quote 2 “I ain’t wanted in the bunkhouse, and you ain’t wanted in my room” Crookes…

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Of Mice and Men Quotes Chapter 3

“Slim turned on the… electric light. Instantly the table was brilliant with light” Slim brings goodness. Even the fact that Slim turned on the light shows this “George spoke proudly” It really highlight the almost father-son relationship between George and…

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