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Much Ado About Nothing Flashcards

Much Ado About Nothing Act 4

He believes that Claudio took her virginity before they were married. After Claudio calls Hero a w***e, what assumption does Leonato make? What man was at your window last night? What question does Claudio ask Hero? How does she respond?…

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Much Ado About Nothing Scenes

Act 1, Scene 1 Characters: Leonato, Messenger, Beatrice, Hero, Don Pedro, Benedick, Don John, ClaudioSummary: The army of Don Pedro of Aragon arrives in Messina and is welcomed by Leonato, Messina’s governor. Benedick of Padua, a soldier in Don Pedro’s…

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Much Ado About Nothing Act 2

What does Leonato and Antonio say about Beatrice and marriage to tease her? She will never marry because she is too mean. In what ways are Beatrice and Benedick alike? They are against marriage, stubborn, and outspoken What does Beatrice…

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Much Ado About Nothing

Why does Benedick challenge Claudio to a duel? For causing the death of an innocent girl Why are Borachio and Conrade arrested? For fooling Claudio into thinking Hero was disloyal Horns are a symbol for? Marriage What are easily made…

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