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Lord of the Flies Flashcards

LOTF Chapter 6

What falls onto the island during the night? 1. A dead pilot parachutes onto the island at night. 2. Who is tending the fire when the “beast” is discovered? 2. Sam and Eric are tending the fire. 3. What makes…

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Lord of the Flies – Chapter 7

What does Ralph long for? a bath. What distracts the boys from the search for the Beast? “Castle Rock” What does Ralph daydream about? About going home to a nice warm, clean bed, with books to read. When the boar…

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Lit Lord of the Flies

Maurice along with Roger, mean to the littluns Warplant used as a disguise and an excuse for being savages The Beast took on many different personas to the boys William Golding author Littluns offering to the Beast, played all day…

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Lord Of The Flies Quotes ~ Conflict

“I ought to be chief” said Jack with simple arrogance, “because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing a C sharp Conflict-1.1 “The freckles on Jack’s face disappeared under a blush of mortification…Ralph looks at him, eager to…

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Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

efflorescence Blooming of flowers, state of flowering; Period of prosperity.-Two weeks into Spring, the garden was in a beautiful state of ____.-As a writer, his career was finally in a state of _____; he had 3 movies in production and…

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lord of the flies chapter 10

right knee Where does the narrator say a great scab had formed on Ralph in the opening of Chapter 10: “The Shell and the Glasses”? collecting wood What does Piggy say Sam and Eric are doing when Ralph arrives at…

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