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Fahrenheit 451 Flashcards

Fahrenheit 451 Part 2

Montag and Mildred think someone is at the door. Why doesn’t the door-voice tell them if someone is there? Because Montag had turned it off before they started reading the books. What does Mildred think is at the door? What…

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Fahrenheit 451 Part 3 Chapter Questions

What does Mildred do when Montag arrives at his house with the firemen? Mildred gets in a cab and leaves According to Beatty, what is the “real beauty” of fire? it “destroys responsibility and consequences” Faber tells Montag to run…

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Fahrenheit 451 part 1,2,3

What do “firemen” do in the novel? why is this ironic? they burn things & because they put out fires in our society now who does montag meet on his way home? what do they talk about? how does montag…

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Research Paper Quotes

* / ~ * (Individuality) vs ~ (Society) “It was a pleasure to burn” Page 1 ~ Bradbury starts Fahrenheit 451 with the sentence, “It was a pleasure to burn.” This relates to my theme, individual vs society, because in…

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Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary and Page Number

Stolid showing little or no emotion; not easily excited or upsetPage 3 Refracted to make light change direction when it goes through an anglePage 11 Imperceptibly impossible to see or noticePage 11 Pulverized to crush, beat ground into powder or…

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