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FMoR #7 – Coriolanus & the Fabii

Coriolanus Caius Marcius; patrician general; hated plebeians patricians wealthy, upper-class citizens plebeians common citizens; “plebs” Volscians a people of Latium Corioli capital city of the Volscians Veturia Coriolanus’ mother Fabii powerful Roman family; killed by Veientians “If the people want…

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Latin II CP: list 5 (A Grim Lesson and Coriolanus) Nate/ Victoria

inopia, -ae (feminine) scarcity, wantEnglish derivative: opulent exinde from this timeLatin cognate: ex nonnumquam sometimesLatin cognate: quamquam, quamdiu postride on the following dayEnglish derivative: postmeridian claudo, -ere, clausi, clausus to shutEnglish derivative: closeLatin cognate: claustrum, claustri iuvenis, -is (masculine) young…

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Coriolanus Characters

CORIOLANUS a noble Roman, hates plebians, proud and immature TITUS LARTIUS General against the Volscians, old roman nobleman COMINIUS General against the Volscians, leads with Coriolanus, friend of his, former consul MENENIUS AGRIPPA Friend to Coriolanus, smart patrician, wit avoids…

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Coriolanus key quotes

Citizen 1: Act 1 (cmicettp) The citizens do not like Coriolanus Caius Martius is chief enemy to the people Officer: Act 1 (hvpalntcp) Coriolanus disrespects the citizens he’s vengeance proud and loves not the common people Coriolanus: Act 1 (wtm,ydr,t,rtioyo,mys?)…

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