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As You Like It Flashcards

E: As You Like It (Themes)

LOVEHow is it portrayed? Spoofs many conventions, such as the idea that love brings torment to the lover or that the male is a ‘slave’ to his mistress LOVEWhat does it challenge? Courtly love tradition, which influenced European literature for…

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As you like it

Act 1 scene 1-3 scene 1 Sibling rivalry:orlando leaves home to escape his brother Oliver, who plots his deathDuke senior has been banished by younger brother to the woods. scene 2 Rosalind and celia try to persuade Orlando nit to…

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As You Like It Act 3

What problems has Orlando caused for his brother? What does Duke Frederick tell Oliver to do? What penalty does he face if he does not do it? Why is all this ironic? Orlando caused problems including What is Touchstone’s response…

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As you like it test

Why does Orlando resent the way he has been treated by his brother Oliver. Oliver took care of himself and Jaques but he didnt take care of Orlando. How does Charles describe the exiled Duke Senior and his court? They…

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As You Like It Act 1 and 2 Quiz

Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-upon-Avon What date was he born? Apil 23, 1564 Did Shakespeare ever get married? If so, to whom? Yes, Anne Hathaway. Shakespeare established himself as an __________and ________________. actor, playwright What date did Shakespeare die and…

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