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A Tale of Two Cities Flashcards

A Tale of Two Cities Literary Devices

Imagery Using descriptive language to form a clear pictureExamples:the description in the first chapter of the “cold, dank, muddy” winter carriage ride of Mr. Lorry (Dickens: Chapter 1, Book the First); the description of Saint Antoine in the “Broken Cask;”…

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Tale Of Two Cities

What is the most famous paragraph in all of English literature? The opening paragraph of TTC (Tale of Two Cities): “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” The opening paragraph of TTC is an example…

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A Tale of Two Cities-test prep

Who is Jarvis Lorry? Works at Tellsons bank Who is Jerry Cruncher? The messenger- pretends to be fishing when he is digging up bodies to sell for science- beats his wife sets a bad example for his wife; symbolism- rusty…

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A Tale of Two Cities Timeline

December 1757 Dr. Manette imprisoned in the Bastille 1760 Lucie Manette taken from Paris to London by Jarvis Lorry 1774 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette on French Throne 1775 Beginning of the American Revolution November 1775 Dr. Manette released from…

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Tale Of Two Cities Quotes

“Repression is the only lasting philosophy. The dark defense of fear and slavery will keep the dogs obedient to the whip.” Marquis Evermonde “After having been in danger of my life, I have been seized with great violence and indignity…

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A Tale of two Cities Book III Chapters 5-8

Avocation Hobby, vocation Redundancy Repeating, duplicating,overlap Purveyors Supplier, provider Remonstrated Disapproval, objection Culpability Guilty, blameworthy Dissonance Disagreement, not in harmony What is Carmagnole? The “dance of death” that the mob does when people die What caused the jury to acquit…

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