synonyms and antonyms for othello act 4 and 5

alabaster synonyms fair, translucent
alabaster antonyms black, pitch
strumpet synonyms harlot, hussy
strumpet antonyms chaste woman, virgin
base synonyms plebeian, unworthy
base antonyms aristocratic, superior
restitution synonyms reimbursement, reparation
restitution antonyms fee, penalty
malignant synonyms pestilential, destructive, cancerous
malignant antonyms invigorating, harmless, benign
imprudent synonyms brazen, insolent, saucy
imprudent antonyms polite, modest, retiring
vice synonyms wickedness, corruption
vice antonyms morality, virtue
expostulate synonyms remonstrate, argue
expostulate antonyms concur, comply
bawdy synonyms obscene, lascivious
bawdy antonyms decent, moral
reproach synonyms reprimand, admonish
reproach antonyms praise, commend
beseech synonyms entreat, importune
beseech antonyms decide, command
vehement synonyms emphatic, ardent
vehement antonyms dispassionate, apathetic
insinuate synonyms imply, intimate
insinuate antonyms conceal, withhold
perjury synonyms deception, falsehood
perjury antonyms truth, honesty
maim synonyms mangle, mutilate
maim antonyms aid, heal