Sophocles Antigone: Scene 1 & Ode 1

How would you describe Creon at this point? paranoid, literal, selfish, stubborn, one – sided, rude to Choragos
Why does he say that he will not allow Polyneices to be buried? Polyneices fought against Thebes. (traitor)
How does the Chorus react to this right now? Chorus sides wholly with Creon
Who brings new of the crime to Creon? the Sentry
“New dust on the slimy flesh!” Someone has covered the corpse of the traitor Polynices with a thin layer of dirt as a sort of bare minimum burial attempt
This ode (1) describes the wonders of man but also the________ limitations of man
After scene 1, our____________ has been established conflict
We have the laws of ____________ (creon’s) vs. the laws of ______________ man vs. the gods
Explain significance of Creon’s quote “Find that man” He assumes Antigone’s gender. In these times, it was assumed that only men were powerful and could be brave and powerful.Shows patriarchal society
Ode 1 Summary: Humanity is greatMan is powerfulMan has no power against deathChorus sides with Creon

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