Skills Lesson: Ancient Rome and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Practice and Quiz

Read the statements below about the state of the Roman Republic during Caesar’s life and complete the instruction that follows.Statement 1: Stress and pressure from managing the new territories of the Roman Empire created serious issues.Statement 2: Internal disputes among military generals became frequent as they sought more control.Based on these two statements, explain the cause for these problems in Rome. Rome kept having problems because they were trying to obtain and control new territories. The Romans didn’t know their limits, they believed they didn’t have any.
Julius Caesar and Queen Elizabeth I were often considered __________, leaders who worked to seize absolute power. tyrants
Explain the seating arrangements in the Globe Theatre. The covered seats were for the upper and middle class. Prominent theater members sat above the stage. The lower class stood uncovered on the ground.
How were citizens of Rome involved in the political process? Roman citizens could vote on the Senate’s legislation, and some citizens were involved in electing public officials.
Whom did Queen Elizabeth I succeed? her sister, Queen Mary I
Read the excerpt below from Life of Caesar by Plutarch and complete the instruction that follows.At Rome, moreover, Caesar won a great and brilliant popularity by his eloquence as an advocate, and much good will from the common people for the friendliness of his manners . . . . He had also a large and gradually increasing political influence in consequence of his lavish hospitality and the general splendour of his mode of life. At first his enemies thought this influence would quickly vanish . . . . [T]he man who is thought to have been the first to see beneath the surface of Caesar’s public policy and to fear it, . . . and who comprehended the powerful character hidden beneath his kindly and cheerful exterior, namely Cicero, said that in most of Caesar’s political plans and projects he saw a tyrannical purpose . . . .List two to three details you learned from this excerpt about Caesar the historical figure. The common people liked Caesar. Caesar was slowly getting more power.
Why do you think Shakespeare wanted to tell his audience the story of Julius Caesar? Shakespeare was coming Elizabeth I to Julius Caesar as they both ruled similarly. He also wanted to show what a dangerous path that was for an empire.
Ideally, how does a republic work? A republic is a system of government in which the officials are elected by and answer to the citizens
Which social change did Caesar not put into place? Senate benefits
Caesar began his rule of Rome as a member of the First Triumvirate. How did he become Rome’s sole leader? He defeated his fellow Triumvirate member Pompey and became dictator.
Analyze the graphic organizer below and answer the question that follows.How does a tyrant seize total power? A tyrant works with the people whose ideals he or she represents then seizes total power, sharing none with supporters.
Which sector of society paid the lowest amount to attend plays at the Globe Theatre? The lower class, the groundlings, paid the lowest amount.
Which similarity did Julius Caesar and Queen Elizabeth I share? Both lived in a time of severe class division.
Which territory was added to the Roman Empire under Caesar’s governance? Gaul
Who ruled England when Shakespeare was writing his plays? Queen Elizabeth I
Why did Julius Caesar’s enemies label him a tyrant? He eventually assumed absolute power over Rome.
Which statement is true about both monarchies and dictatorships? A single ruler is in charge.
The __________ served as a stage for Roman politicians and philosophers. Forum
Feeling unheard, the public fell into a(n) __________ that completely resisted the government and its rules. anarchy
The setting of William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar takes place in the city of __________. Rome

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