Short Answer Questions Chapters 8-9 (To Kill A Mockingbird)

What happened to Miss Maudie’s house? What was her reaction? Miss Maudie left fires going (for warmth) and her house burned down. As always, sheput her most optimistic foot forward and seemed not to mind too much.
Identify Cecil Jacobs. Cecil Jacobs was a boy at Scout’s school who first made her aware that Atticus wasdefending a black man.
What “disaster” happened at Christmas between Scout and Francis? Scout and Francis got into a fight because Francis was fussing with Scout about Atticus’defending a black man. Scout couldn’t stand all the things Francis was calling Atticus, soshe hit him square in the mouth. She didn’t really understand what Francis said, but sheknew it wasn’t complimentary.
What did Scout’s Uncle Jack learn from Scout and Atticus? Uncle Jack broke up the fight between Scout and Francis. He automatically took Francis’side. Since Francis was injured, he looked like the wronged party. Scout just gave in toUncle Jack and said she did what he said she did. Later, she points out to Jack that hedidn’t even give her a chance to explain, that Atticus always listens to both sides beforehe decides which person is guilty. Secondly, when Scout asks Uncle Jack a question, hegives her a non-answer. Atticus later explains to Jack that such answers only confusekids. The truth is always best.

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