short answer macbeth act iv

what is the “something wicked this way comes” the witches refer to? Macbeth
How has Macbeth’s attitude toward the witches changed? He puts his faith in them and has become incredibly agressive with them
What is the first apparition that appears above the cauldron? Armed head- head wearing a helmet which is supposed to represent Macduff- it says to beware of the thane of fife
What is the second apparition? bloody child- newborn baby which is supposed to represent Macduff at birth- it says none a woman born shall harm Macbeth
What is the third apparition? a crowned child holding onto a tree branch- represents malcolm- Birnam wood must move to Dunsinane Hill for Macbeth to vanquish
What is Macbeth’s response to the speeches of each apparition? that no one alive can harm and an unnatural event must occur for him to be killed
Besides knowing his future, whose future does Macbeth demand to know? Banquo’s; will his sons become King
What is the “showoff kings”? what are its two purposes? the line of kings that come out are descendants of Banquo; show Macbeth the prophecies about Banquo’s sons becoming kings will come true; to flatter the king because he believed he was a direct descendant of Banquo
What is ironic about Macbeth’s line (referring to the witches)”… and damned be those who trust them”? because Macbeth trusts them so he is damning himself; verbal irony
where has Macduff gone? to england
what does Macbeth plan to do at Macduff’s castle? he is going to attack his castle and kill all of Macduff’s family and everyone in the castle
what news does Ross bring to Lady Macduff He tells Lady Macduff that Macduff has left Scotland. She think she is leaving her to die because he doesn’t love her. Rather, he leaves to go and try to save Scotland from Macbeth
Why has shakespeare included the scene between Lady Macduff and her son? comic relief for the upper class
Where is scene 3 set? England. Before the king’s palace
Does Macduff know at the beginning of this scene that has family has been killed? What drama technique is employed in this situation? No. Dramatic irony is in the situation
Why is Malcolm so cautious with Macduff? Macduff has left his family behind
What help has England offered to Malcolm Siward and 10,000 men
What vices does Malcolm claim to have lust, greed, and lacks the graces that made his father a good king
What is Macduff’s reaction to Malcolm claiming he is lustful He says as long as Malcolm is discreet, he can have as many woman as he wants
What is Macduff’s reaction to Malcolm claiming he is greedy Macduff says that this is more of a problem, but Scotland has a lot to offer, so he should be fine
What is Macduff’s reaction to Malcolm claiming he lacks graces Macduff gets mad and says Malcolm is not fit to be the ruler of Scotland
What kingly becoming graces does Malcolm lack justice, temperance, perseverance, mercy, devotion, patience, courage, fortitude
What is macduff’s reaction to this revelation? he is disappointed because Malcolm was Macduff’s last opinion; he doesn’t understand because both his parents were good, religious individuals- had all the markings of good and kind rulers. He grieves for the loss of his country.
why has malcolm lied about himself? why was this test necessary? to test Macduff to make sure that he was not bribed by Macbeth to try to see if Malcolm would try to overthrow the throne
What “special power” does the English king supposedly have? the ability to cure people of scrofula (a type of tuberculosis and skin disease)
How does the king perform curing people of scrofula? He puts his royal seal around the necks of the sick people
Why did Shakespeare reference scrofula in the play? Edward the Confessor has this power- he included it to flatter James I
What news has Ross to deliver to Macduff The death of his family and the servants in his household
How does Malcolm advise Macduff to channel his grief? he says to convert it to anger and take revenge on Macbeth to take him off of the throne
Why does Shakespeare have Macduff learn of this tragedy after he has convinced Malcolm of his loyalty? So that it does not appear that Macduff is only going to fight Macbeth because Macbeth killed his family. To show first that Macduff is fighting because of the loyalty to his country