Sheridan Romeo and Juliet Everything

allegorical 1) two levels of meaning 2) abstract characters
innyards hotel courtyard
groundlings those who could not afford a seat; stood at the front of the stage
April 23, 1564 date of birth
April 23, 1616 date of death
Stratford-on-Avon birthplace
Blank verse What was Romeo and Juliet written in?
blood What does inundation mean?
parallelism When a word is repeated for emphasis
delay What does prorogue mean?
truth What does forsooth mean
ill-tempered What does harlotry mean?
burial robe What is a shroud?
a man who does housework What is a cot-quean?
regrettable What does lamentable mean?
comfort What does stolace mean?
cheated What does beguil’d mean?
a contradiction What is a paradox?
to bury What does interr’d mean?
a boat What is a bark?
a tomb What is a sepulchre?
pathetic fallacy What is it when nature reacts to human behavior?

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