Shakespeare’s Play: Midsummer Night’s Dream-Summary

Theseus duke of Athens
Hippolyta queen of the Amazon
Egeus Hermia’s father
Hermia daughter of Egeus, lover of Lysander
Lysander a lover of Hermia
Demetrius Egeus prefers this guy to Hermia’s main man
Where does the play start to set in? Athens, Greece
Why is Egeus upset? Hermia refuses to marry Demetrius
Who does Hermia love? Lysander
Does Lysander love her back? Yes
Why is Theseus so excited? He’s getting married to Hippolyta
How come Hippolyta isn’t as excited? Her whole family was just slaughtered
Who loves Demetrius? Helena
Who does Demetrius love? Hermia
If Hermia doesn’t marry Demetrius, what happens? Become a nun, barren life, or death
What do Hermia and Lysander plan and end up doing? Run away from Athens into Magic Forest
Who are rehearsing in the Magic Forest Nick Bottom, Peter Quince, Tom Snout, and Snug
Who are in fight with each other causing the world to fall in chaos? Oberon and Titania
Why are they arguing about? An indian boy Titania is taking care of
Why is Titania taking care of an indian boy? His mother was her BFF whom died during childbirth
Titania Fairy Queen
Oberon Fairy King