shakespeare quiz 4 hamlet

horatio hamlet’s best friend
he wants him to go to hell hamlet doesn’t kill Claudius when he has the chance because..
the death of her father what causes ophelia to go insane?
France in what country does Laertes go off to school?
he is going to appear crazy (when he is not) When hamlet says he will take on an antic disposition, what does antic disposition mean?
he would have to give up crown, power claudius cannot fully repent…why?
he was killed without benefit of final confession Hamlet senior (ghost) is suffering because…
Horatio Who speaks “goodnight sweet prince…flight of angels”?
when the rooster crows ghost must disappear when…
the mouse trap what is the name of the play that hamlet presents to catch Claudius?
Fortinbras who is likely to be king of Denmark at end of play?
Hamlet who kills polonius?
spy on hamlet Rosecrans and Guildenstern are in Denmark…They are there to do what?
jester yorick who does skull belong to?
drinks poisoned wine how does gertrude die?
nunnery “get thee to a..”
so horatio can tell true story of hamlet and preserve reputation why does hamlet stop horatio from drinking poison?