Shakespeare Facts / Midsummer Night’s Dream Characters

Born on ___. Died on ____. April 23, 1564…… April 23, 1616
Grew up in ____. Stratford Upon Avon
He left school by ____. The age of 15
At the age of ____, he married _____. 18Anne Hathaway
Life divided into 3 sections. First 20 years-Growing up in Stratford, schooling, marriageTHE DARK YEARSThe next 25 years-An actor and playwright in London, England (mostly away from family)The last 5 years-Back in Stratford for retirement
He and Anna had 3 children. Susanna, Judith, Hamnet
____ died at age _____ due to the _____. Hamnet11Bubonic Plague
The plague was ravaging London. Public theaters were closed in ____ for ____ years. 15922
He become a partner in the globe theatere built in _____. It burned down in ______. 15991613
His works include ____ sonnets, ____ epic book length poems, and ____ plays. 154238
Theseus Ruler of Athens
Hypollyta Queen of the Amazons. Recently defeated by Theseus and now engaged to him.
Philosptrate Their servant.
Lysander A young man of Athens, in love with Hermia
Hermia A young noblewoman of Athens, in love with Lysander
Demetrius A young nobleman of Athens; once in love with Helena, but now in love with Hermia
Helena Hermia’s friend, still in love with Demetrius
Egeus Hermia’s father, who wishes her to wed Demetrius
Oberom Jealous king of the fairies
Titania Proud queen of the fairies
Puck (Robin Goodfellow) Shapechanging fairy and mischief-maker , servant to Oberon
Fairy Nameless fairy that meets with Puck (; could be played by one of the other fairies if desired)
Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed Fairies, attendants to Titania; come on stage with her in most scenes.
Nick Bottom Weaver, overconfident actor who plays Pyramus.
Peter Quince Carpenter, director of their play, plays the Prologue.
Francis Flute Bellows-mender, plays Thisbe.
Robin Starveling Tailor, plays Moonshine.
Tom Snout Tinker, plays Wall
Snug Joiner, plays the lion.