Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream Past tense

A Midsummer Night’s Dream took place in Athens Where did A Midsummer Night’s Dream take place?
They ran way in the forest What did Hermia and Lysander do?
They followed them What did Demetrius and Helena do?
He changed Bottom’s head into a donkey’s What did Puck do to Bottom?
He put magic juice on Titania’s eyes What did Oberon put in Titania’s eyes?
He put magic juice in her eyes so she will fall in love in love with the first thing she sees Why did Puck put magic juice on Titania’s eyes?
They took away the magic spells from them What did Puck and Oberon take away from Lysander, Bottom and Titania?
He fell in love with Helena Who did Lysander fall in love with?
They woke up in the forest Where did they wake up?
They were practicing their play What were the group of actors doing?
They fought over Helena Who did Lysander and Demetrius fight over?
He took way the love spell away from Lysander What did Puck take away from Lysander?
He made a magic fog to put everybody asleep Why did Puck make a magic fog?
He was naughty because he played tricks on the actors Why was Puck naughty?
Nobody remembered what happened. Did anybody remember what happened?