sequence of events in romeo and juliet act 1

1 s1 Sampson and Gregory are trash talking about the Montague family and they begin to fight
2 s1 Benvolio comes along and tells them to stop fighting
3 s1 Tybalt comes along and fights with benvolio.
4 s1 Capulet and Lady Capulet enters— Capulet joins the fight
5s1 Lady Montague and Montague enters— Montague joins in the fight
6s1 The prince enters— states that if another fight is started, they will be sentenced to death. Capulet meets w/ prince first and later Montague
7s1 Benvolio is questioned about the fight— he’s very truthful
8s1 Benvolio and Romeo talk. Romeo is sad because he’s in love with a girl who will never love him back.
Rosaline Romeo’s first lover
9s1 Benvolio tells Romeo to check out other girls in order to get his mind off of Rosaline–Benvolio is very determined to make him forget
1 s2 Paris asks Capulet to marry juliet– he responds by saying that juliet is too young and that its not up to him, wait two more years– look at all the other girls at the party tonight and you’ll see that Juliet is one among many

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