Schwiet Macbeth

What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw? ambition
How does the Porter’s speech offer comic relief? porter’s speech contracts sharply to tragic events
The end of Act IV foreshadows an important conflict between Macbeth verse Macduff
One example of dramatic irony in Act III of The Tragedy of Macbeth is _____. Macbeth urging Banquo to attend the feast
One example of external conflict = Macbeth wants Banquo dead, so he hires men to murder him.
fruitless crown and barren scepter = no male heir.
?ow has Macbeth changed? quick to use treachery
“young in deed,” = only just beginning their crimes
What is the cause of Macbeth’s irrational behavior at the banquet? guilty conscience
To persuade the two murderers to agree to kill Banquo, Macbeth tells them Banquo caused their misery.
What reason does Lady Macbeth give for not killing King Duncan herself? looked like her father
When Lady Macbeth says “My hands are of your color, but I shame / To wear a heart so white” she means that she is ashamed
What does Macbeth really mean when he indicates that the blood on his hands will redden all the seas? profound guilt.
“sleep no more” = conscience will not rest.
What is the central idea of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act II? A murderer must live with his conscience
Throughout Act I, Macbeth’s plans and actions seem to be motivated most of all by his wife’s encouragement.
Why does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth has a poor chance of achieving power? poor … He is not ruthless enough
Which of the following best describes Macbeth’s feelings about the possible assassination of King Duncan? tortured ambivalence
What important role do the witches play in Act I? foreshadow events.
What is the central theme of Act I of The Tragedy of Macbeth? betrayal

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