scene 3 othello

virtuous conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally excellent, upright, chaste
affinity likeness, a natural relationship, ankindship
languishes to be or become weak or feeble, droop, fade
penitent showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant
entreat to ask (a person) earnestly, beseech, implore, beg
hideous horrible or frightful to the senses; repulsive, very ugly; shocking or revolting to the moral sense
ruminate to consider for a long time at a slow pace, to ponder
vehement forcefully expressing emotion or conviction
chide to express disapproval of, scold, reproach
shrill high-pitched and piercing in sound quality
who brings in the musicians and why cassio brings in the musicians for comic relief
what does cassio ask the clown to do? stop playing the music
what does Emilia agree to do for cassio? talk to desdemona and get her to talk to othello
what is emilia’s opinion on cassio? he’s a good person
what task does othello assign iago? bring the letter to the caption in Veince
what will othello be busy doing in scene 2 going to the fort (cyprus)
why do u think shakespeare included such a brief scene? what is the function of scene 2. Othello will be away at the fort; which gives desdemona and cassio time to talk
What are cassio and desdemona talking about in the opening of scene 3? getting cassio’s job back
why does cassio leave desdemona quickly when Iago and Othello arrive? because he doesn’t want to face othello again. His excuse to get away from othello is that he is sick.
how does iago raise suspicions about desdemona in othello’s mind.? 1)after cassio left when he saw othello… iago said under his breath so othello would hear “well that doesn’t look good”. Seeing that cassio ran away when he saw othello, iago convinces him that he was avoiding him because he is having an affair not because he’s scared.2)handkerchief 3) saying that desdemona left her father- and will soon leave her too3)iago told othello that iago and cassio were sleeping together and cassio was dreaming of desdemona all night saying her name and stuff.
how does iago end up with desdemona’s handkerchief? emilia gave it to him
what does iago promise to do within three days? kill cassio and eventually kill desdemona
are you surprised that iago turns othello against desdemona so quickly? opinion
Why do you think iago is successful in persuading othello to condemn desdemona? opinion
why do you think emilia lies to desdemona about the handkerchief?
how does emilia’s view of men differ from desdemona’s view of othello emilia thinks that they use women as if they are food. when men are hungry they use them until they are full and then leave them.
who is bianca cassio’s mistress
how does bianca end up with desdemona’s handkerchief?
what does bianca agree to do for cassio? make a duplicate of the handkerchief because he likes the pattern.
do you think othello is telling the truth about the handkerchief curse?
what does desdemona think othello is mad about compared to what emilia think othello is mad about. desdemona- something with the waremilia- jelaous