Sailing from Troy

Where has odysseus been for the last ten years after the trojan war? Calypsos island
What did calypso do She kept Odysseus prisoner on her island or be her immortal husband
Where did Odysseus land? and who is he telling his story to? He ends up on the island of Phoenicia , he tells the story to alcinous the ruler of the island
What does alcinous give to Odysseus A ship in exchange for the story of his adventures
What is the name of Odysseus home Ithaca
What violence do Odysseus and his men do at the island of cicones after the Trojan war He killed the men that fought and enslaved the woman, this shows that Odysseus was a brut
Short summary After twenty years from home, Odysseus departs from the goddess Calypso’s island.He arrives in Phoenicia, which is ruled by Alcinous.Alcionous asks Odysseus to tell him the story of his adventures, in exchange for a ship back to his homeland.Odysseus then proceeds to tell Alcinous of the war in Troy, going to Ismarus, how his soldiers dismantled the town and losing several rows of men on each ship from the Cicones army.
Did Odysseus win the battle with the cicone? What happens to many of his men He lost the battle, many of his men died

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