S.G. Macbeth Act. V

What is the main message of scene 1, which includes Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene? That they killed Banquo. A guilty conscience is not easily mended.
What does Macbeth’s behavior toward the servant who comes to deliver a message ultimately show about Macbeth’s character? He has become brutal.
When Macbeth reveals in Act. V, scene 5, that he has grown impervious to fear and horror, how does this relate to the play’s theme regarding ambition?
At what point does Macbeth first begin to realize that he has been tricked by the prophecies? When he learns the forest is moving towards the castle.
In what way does Macbeth revert to his former self? He fights with courage and skill.
Why does Shakespeare have Macbeth display certain admirable traits at the end?
How is the plot of the play resolved? Macduff killed Macbeth.
When the doctor watches Lady Macbeth sleepwalking, how would you describe his actions?
How would you describe the medical knowledge pf psychology, stress, and the mind-body connection in Shakespeare’s time based on this scene? No medicine for her condition and only God can help her.
Why does the doctor tell the waiting gentlewoman to take from Lady Macbeth “the means of annoyance”, and what does he fear?
When Macbeth says, “Out, out, brief candle!” what does the word candle symbolically refer to? It symbolizes life.
In scene 1, what can you tell about the waiting gentlewoman and her relationship to Lady Macbeth? Loyalty.
What is the real reason Lady Macbeth kills herself? Her guilt was too much to handle.
At the end of The Tragedy of Macbeth, how does Macbeth’s courage in battle affect the reader? It shows the reader his noble nature.
Perturbation Anxiety; mental uneasiness.
Pristine In its original condition; unspoiled.
Clamorous Making a loud and confused noise.
Harbinger(s) A person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.