ROmeo and Juuliet Act I – Romeo and Juliet Act I

How effective is the law in preventing and controlling violence, as evidenced in this scene? -The law is not effective in preventing and controlling violence -Ineffective and encourages violence because the officer joins in on the violence -shows community is bloodthirsty and can’t solve problems except for with violence -easily influenced
To what does the expression “purple fountains” refer? Refers to blood being spilled -it’s a metaphor -color purple is combination between red and blue and that’s the color fountains because of the blood from the feud -red and blue anger and sadness -capulets are more bloodthirsty tybalt and then montagues have benvolio
What poetic device is used in the description of the sun? Quote and explain. “The sun peers forward the golden window of the east” -describing romeo as the east he has feelings for girl but she don’t want him and he’s like all important b/c he’s the sun but she doesn’t want this important thing -romeo is peering in on her like peering sun
Romeo describes love as “a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; / Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes. / Being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers’ tears. / What is it else? A madness most discreet, / A choking gall, and a preserving sweet.” What does this description of love tell you about Romeo and his feelings? Talking about nature of love but words do not extend to anyone shows that by leaving person out it shows narcissism focused on idea of love versus who his love is directed towards sort of disconnected sense of what love is and it’s focused on his suffering
Capulet gives Juliet’s age and his plan for her future to Paris. What does he tell him? At this point, what is Capulet’s attitude toward his daughter? By being progressive with letting Juliet choose if she wants to marry Paris it’s actually manipulative he’s encouraging outcome he wants-capulet sees juliet as young and innocent but capable of making smart decisions
Look at Juliet’s first words to her mother, “Madame, I am here. What is your will?” Whatdo these words say about Juliet’s nature? Growing up in a strict environment makes them only able to follow orders and idea that people are not close to each other -juliet is just submissive becauseshe’s used to being ordered around by strict mother
What do the Nurse’s recollections about Juliet’s childhood reveal about her character? Nurse is very nice to juliet and nurse is more familiar and more of family to juliet than her mother is can tell that nurse losing her daughter makes her more of a mother to juliet nurse is probably not educated
Contrast Juliet’s remarks on marriage with those of the Nurse. Nurse says wow get married juliet is more appropriate reaction can’t force myself to like someone but i’ll try for mom
How do you know what time of day it is? Quote the line that tells you. Romeo and juliet only meet at night so sets idea of that -so people can stay oriented for time of day and to help with lack of props on stage
What do the lines “Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, / Too rude and boisterous, and it pricks like thorn” reveal about Romeo? Is he more aware of himself or the person he loves? He is more aware of himself because he doesn’t care about Rosaline’s feelings he only focuses on his own feelings maybe some flaw in him that is causing this not to work
Contrast Tybalt’s and Lord Capulet’s responses to Romeo’s presence at the Capulet party. What does their exchange suggest about the significance of the feud to the two families of Verona? Tybalt feels strongly where Capulet is less angry older have more important things to do
What does Romeo’s immediate reaction to Juliet suggest about his character? It suggests that Romeo is young and naive, because he falls in love easily and lets the love consume him.
Juliet’s lament at learning Romeo’s identity, “My only love, sprung from my only hate / Too early seen unknown, and known too late!” suggests the workings of what device? This is a paradox because it describes how her love came from hate, and these two emotions are opposites of each other.
pernicious destructive
shrift confession
vexed troubled
endart look deeply
atomies tiny creatures
tragedy a dramatic story that has a sad but eventuful ending
tragic hero a main character who fails or dies
protagonist central character
antagonist force working against the protagonist
character foil a character whose personality contrasts with another
soliloquy a speech given by a character alone on stage
aside a character’s remark that others on stage do not hear
dramatic irony when the audience knows more than the characters
comic relief humorous scene/ speech to lighten the mood
blank verse form of poetry that resembles natural speech
pun jokes that result from multiple word meanings or rhyming sounds
What is the setting of the play Verona in Italy
What is the relationship between the two households? they are in a feud the reignites
What does Shakespeare mean by “starcrossed lovers”? They were doomed lovers
What happens to the lovers? They kill themselves
What is the subject matter of the play? the feud between families and Romeo and Juliet’s relationship
Why does the chorous ask for the audience to be patient? It says listen carefully and we will fill in the gaps
What is the name of the poetic form Shakespeare uses for the Prologue? its a sonnet written in iambic pentameter
sonnet -a poem about strong feelings
iambic pentameter
holy, shrine, and saint refer to Juliet pilgrim palmer and praying refer to Romeo
When did Shakespeare live Renaissance -prosperity and innovation-Queen Elizabeth I
Why was Shakespeare so good at this writing stuff? capitalized on talent, opportunity, and connections
How is Shakespeare’s time similar to today? -setuo-prince differences for tickets
How is theater in Shakespeare’s time different from theater today? -pit=cheap seats up close but now it costs more-more class division-more interactive like a sporting event
How would a maixed upper class and working class affect Shakespeare’s stuff? -appeals to sight and intellect -speak variety of languages
What is the main idea regarding Shakespeare’s impact? -sight and intellect-different types of humor
Summarize major events in Shakespeare’s life -abandoned family to go to London to act/write-not a lot of education-married at 18-part owner of globe theatre-becomes sucessful writer/entrepreneur -lived well/generous due to success-died at 52

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