romeo and juliet whole play test

the play Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, Italy
the feuding familes Montagues and Capulets
How Juliet feels about getting married She would like the man to first win her heart
Juliet’s age 13 not yet 14
Romeo and Juliet decide to marry the next morning
marries Romeo and Juliet Friar Lawrence
Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt because he is Juliet’s cousin and now his cousin by marriage
Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt banished to Mantua
Capulet want Juliet to marry Paris
jUliet puts herself to sleep by using a special potion put together by Friar Lawrence
Romeo’s has a dream about He dies and Juliet comes along and Kisses him and he wakes up
a poor apothecary/druggist gives Romeo a poison because Romeo offers the poor man lots of money
Paris brings to Juliet’s tomb flower petals
Romeo kills Paris because Paris pulls his sword as he thinks Romeo is destroying the grave of Juliet because he wants to hurt Capulet because a capulet is responsible for Romeo being banished
the play Romeo and juliet ends when Lady Montague dies of a broken heart after her son is banished. Friar Lawrence tells the story of the marriage and what went wrong with the letters. the MOntagues and the Capulets stop fighting and together they plan on making a gold statue of Romeo and Juliet.
irony when something happens that seems opposite of what should happen
dramatic irony when the audience knows what happened but the character(s) do not
foreshadowing something that indicates that something else is going to happen in the future