Romeo and Juliet/ West Side Story Test

What had Romeo and Tony done that angered their friends? neglected them for their lovers
What was a common trait between the love of Romeo and Juliet/ West Side Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria? it was forbidden
How was the outcome of the love between Romeo and Juliet different from that of Tony and Maria? only one led to the death of both lovers.
What did Romeo and Juliet do in the balcony scene that compared to the fire escape scene between Tony and Maria? declared their love
Which character in West Side Story compared to Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet? Bernardo
What from West side Story compared to the dissention between the Montagues and Capulets in Romeo and Juliet? The relationship between the Jest and Sharks
What happened at the dance in Romeo and Juliet and the dance in West Side Story that caused the chain of events that followed? Romeo fell in love with Juliet, and Tony fell in love with Maria
Which character in West Side Story compares to Paris in Romeo and Juliet? Chino
What did both Tony and Romeo expect to happen that convinced them to attend their respective dances? to experience a miracle
When the reader first sees Juliet and Maria, how do they feel about their arranged marriages? They are dreading them
How does the setting/location of the two stories compare? both are set in major, bustling cities
What in West Side Story compares to the masks and visors that identify the families in Romeo and Juliet? Gang colors
Forbidden love was an issue in both stories
Dance was where lovers met in both stories
Fire Escape Scene compared to the balcony scene
Street Fight Scene compared to the rumble
Doc compared to the apothecary
Womb, tomb used in both stories to indicate a lifelond friendship
Social Position was the theme in both stories
Light Common imagery between both stories
Exile a theme in both stories, though it was forced in one and chosen in the other
Funeral procession ultimately unites both groups in both stories
alyoytl – loyalty ___________________ leads to dissention in both stories
aanti, runes – Anita, Nurse _________________grieves Bernardo’s death, and _____________________ grieves Tybalt’s
honci, moreo – Chino, Romeo _______________________killed Tony in West Side Story, but _________________killed himself in Romeo and Juliet
dtahre – hatred The driving force between Tybalt and Mercutio and Between Bernardo and Riff is their __________________________.
wedgenokl – knowledge Doc and the friar were comparable in that they both had _____________ that no other adult had.
teercs – secret common to Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria is the __________________ both couples share.
htcuag – caught In the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet and the fire escape scene in West Side Story, both couples are nearly ____________________________.
slamfiie – families Just as is sometimes true of young people today, __________________ interfered in the love between the two couples in Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story.
denglcete – neglected Like young lovers of today, the two couples had ________________________ friends because of their love for each other.
ydnugni – undying One theme in Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story is _____________________ love.
Describe the issues faced by Romeo and Juliet, tony and Marie and often young couples today. Family disapproval and social intolerance are present and make the relationship very difficult to have
Discuss the importance of words spoken at the dances in both stories and how words often bring misunderstanding s today, though of a different nature. The words spoken caused tempers to flare just like today when words spoken in anger can cause hurt and destroy friendships
Discuss the fears and frustrations expressed by both couples in their famous love scenes. Further discuss similar fears/frustrations faced by young lovers today. They would be kept apart by their familiesToday, family disapproval can also cause problems. Couples have to work through these problems if they hope to stay together
Compare Nurse’s reaction to Juliet’s choice to Anita’s reaction to Maria’s choice. Howe did both their attitudes change? Both Anita and Nurse thought the girls were making a bad choice by choosing men from the “wrong side”. However, they both recognized the strong love and accepted their choices.
The Main fight in Romeo and Juliet was in the ____________ __________, and in West Side Story it was ___________ ______ __________. town square, under the bridge
Both Romeo and the Sharks and Jets must do their planning in the __________________. darkness
Both Maria and Juliet can forgive the killing of their family members by their lovers because they believe it is because of ____________________ ______________________. external forces
Both Doc and the friar figure into the plot because of their expertise or connection with _____________________. medicine
Just as it often does in the present, a ____________________ unites the two warring factions in both stories. funeral
Romeo and Juliet takes place in __________________, ____________________, and West Side Story takes place in ________ ______________, _________________, ________________. Verona, Italy; New York, New York.
Both Romeo and Juliet’s and Maria and Tony’s plans are foiled by a ________________. fight
_________________ _____________________ is basically at the root of the lovers’ problems in both stories. social intolerance
Both Chino and Paris are somewhat __________________________ about the differences between the two factions in each of their respective stories. neutral
Part of the problem between the gangs is that the Sharks are _____________ _____________. Puerto Rican
Both Tony’s and Romeo’s intense ______________________ is what propelled their stories forward. emotion
The love between the lovers in both stories defies even their intense ____________________. loyalties